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Espiritualidade Integral Evolucionaria, Comunidade e Sustentabilidade
Suma Starkie

I am Suma. My first awakening came through the drug culture at the end of the 60's and led to me dropping out of the architect's career I had
 trained for. LSD opened the door for me to know God, and I also knew 
that I wanted that without chemical or herbal assistance. I am forever 
grateful for that opening and the magical quest it set me on for the 
rest of my life. This took me through the hippie lifestyle to 
Rebirthing, The Medicine Wheel teachings of the Native Americans, two
 enlightened Masters in India, women's groups, working as a therapist 
and group leader, spiritual community, and finally to Portugal 15
years ago where my partner and I bought a small organic farm and 
continued growing our own food.

My first years here were lonely and barren of spiritual brothers and 
sisters, apart from my long-term partner, yet I felt there was a 
reason we had been led to Portugal. When I met Pete and Cynthia 
shortly after they arrived here, I felt like my prayers had been 
answered - finally here were two people who liked to 'talk about God',
 my favourite activity, one which invariably reminded me of myself and 
others as Gods, co-creators of our reality; not only through talk, but 
in finding ways to express this reality in the world. The Awakened
 Life Project combines all the things I cherish; living in beautiful 
tranquil nature, conscious communication and 
community in action and living gently on the earth whilst evolving 
with it.

A year or two later Cynthia created the women's group at ALP. In the
 first year or two my ego clashed head on with ideas of detachment from 
our emotions, natural hierarchy, we really are all one and free etc; then 
imperceptibly these turned from concepts to experienced reality and
 something new started to flow out of us. In recent times the new has 
become exciting, liberating and an accelerating movement that I can't
 resist. My separate self is starting to take a back seat to the
 universal self and this reality has moved from being the dream of my 
life to what is the reality of existence, whilst all that I have 
fought in the 'state of the world' has shifted to the place of a bad
 dream. That this is happening in Portugal amongst a people with a
 sweet openness and innate spirituality is a bonus. I am happy and 
humbled to be part of this movement.

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Sobre o projecto

O Projeto Vida Desperta está situado em uma reserva ecológica bela e selvagem nas montanhas Central Portugal. Oferecemos programas de voluntariado, cursos, eventos e retiros para apoiar a libertação do espírito humano em um contexto de emergência evolutiva e comunhão com a rede ecológica da vida.


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