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Learning to Live

My experience with the group of men's group of The Awakened Life Project has been extraordinary. We are a group of men who are truly living to create life, to shape life and not to get carried away by the endless conscious and unconscious influences that push us to build a society whose defects are so obvious .

This movement of real life and awakening is based on the realization that we really are not what we usually think we are. To understand and liberate who we really are, we have to be aware of our psychological, cultural and biological conditioning. We must understand the incessant need that our sense of identity has to be unique and separate from the others, and that this sense of identity is a construction that takes place at the level of the mind. Thus we are limited by the sensory capabilities of the body and the cognitive limitations of the mind and therefore so often our perception does not correspond with reality.



The first step requires humility, taking a bow to what has happened over these billions of years of evolution, enabling us to reach the point of being able to reflect on our own existence, without actually able to understand it, but enjoying the beauty with which the complex evolutionary process that brought us here. Humility grows as we learn to breathe with confidence in this process that has developed us and is guiding us forward.

Opening to this forum means being willing to drop our beliefs and our minds preoccupation with its particular sense of identity, so that we can open to a path that has allowed many of us to look at life with a different, broader, more comprehensive perspective, in which the sense of identity is no longer in the mind of the human body. In some mysterious yet undeniable way our sense of identity goes beyond the body, time and space. By reaching for the deepest and most comprehensive knowledge of reality that we can access we get a glimpse of the infinite perspective of our existence as part of Life, Earth, Space and Time, the Universe. To this end we share experiences and knowledge that allow us to discover a broader perspective more in accordance with the recognition that we are One. We realize that understanding the sense of individual identity associated with the body/mind only makes sense when included in this wider perspective. Then the function of our embodied life is seen and felt as a vehicle of service to existence, making us available to the divine call to which we are awakening.

One of the most amazing aspects of participating in a group like this is that we are guided and motivated by each other as we unblock the practical issues of our personal lives so we can live life to the fullest and make our dreams come true. The highest expression of human life is the fulfillment of our life purpose, which comes from within and wants to express itself, but is too often stifled by the limitations of our context and the fears and desires of our separate ego that wants to keep our life under control, static and with a clean, clear and perfectly identifiable image. Transcending this movement of ego is demanding and challenging. But when we succeed then a path opens that allows our creativity to express itself in a pure form, which allows us to be who we truly are, which allows us to live our dreams and materialize an expression of happiness that is  very rare.

Destroying the cloaks of false identities that we have used to mask ourselves is very painful but remarkably liberating. The results are clear: big changes, doing things that make us happy, taking responsibility, acting with integrity and thus feeling an overwhelming trust, that is relentless and indomitable, giving us the strength to face all the challenges and understand all the difficulties as a learning environment.

We are creating something truly new together, and we are just at the beginning. We point to a radical change, the creation of a new human culture. We do not know where it will go from here, but we will certainly continue.

 João Pedrosa

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About the project

The Awakened Life Project is situated in a beautiful and wild ecological reserve in the mountains Central Portugal. We offer volunteer programs, courses, events and retreats to support the liberation of the human spirit in a context of evolutionary emergence and communion with the ecological web of life.


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