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Integral Evolutionary Spirituality, Community & Sustainability
Etheric Osteopathy

Etheric Osteopathy is a method developed by Ria Panen Godesberg. The therapist (in this case Cynthia Bampton) works with a person to help make conscious anything that is in the way of discovering and being ones True Self.

As we all know we have traumas that occur in our lives (and possibly past lives) that are conscious and unconscious. In either case these traumas may be causing physical ailments and also psychological difficulties. Many times we don’t understand why we continue to make the same wrong choices over and over again, or we may have a conditioned relationship to life in some area and we don’t understand why it is there, or sometimes we have intense back or neck pain and we have had no injury to explain it. In all of these cases they may be ways that we are being shown that there is something that we need to look at in order to free ourselves from compulsive, conditioned emotional patterns and behaviour.

An equally important side to the process is helping someone become more in touch with the Love that is ones True Self. In order to see clearly and not get fascinated by our own “story” and to actually free ourselves to be whole and free human beings we must be grounded in who we actually are. If one is able to see ones “traumas”, “obstacles” or physical ailments from this ground then these so called “obstacles” are in the proper hierarchy and the ground of who one is can give the person the courage to face anything that may be difficult to look at. Sometimes the most difficult thing for a person to see and acknowledge is the truth of their own being. As you have seen in our vision statement if this world is going to evolve and survive human beings need to get to the point in their own evolution that they no longer see themselves as separate beings but as one consciousness.

Once the “emotional” block that may be the root of a physical ailment is transcended then there still may be the physical situation to resolve. The therapist using Etheric Osteopathy is trained to facilitate the healing of these physical situations. We are not interested in helping to heal the physical without dealing with the root of the problem.

So in a nutshell Etheric Osteopathy is about helping people to have a holistic relationship to their lives and ultimately to see themselves in a much bigger context. When this occurs a person no longer sees themselves as separate beings but as part of a great cosmic whole. Then it is possible for all of us to start giving to the evolution of humanity.

When I work with people I create a safe environment so a person can go where one needs to go. I will never take someone farther then they want to go and because of this the session is always perfect and exactly what is supposed to happen will happen. Neither I nor the client will know beforehand what this is.

From a practical point of view the client stays clothed and I work on a massage table. The treatment occurs through me holding the clients head, other than that there is little further physical contact.

A session runs from 1 to 1.5 hours. Appointments in advance are necessary. If interested please call Cynthia at 967 098 280 or email at


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