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Sara S - Portuguese

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Sara's Bio



To be a member of ALP is like being in a membership with Life as Life.

It is about being part of a community that holds everyone to their highest potential and to their deepest understanding. Every individual realizes their responsibility for the evolution of the collective as he/she understands there is only Consciousness and it is evolving. Being part of the ALP is realizing in my own experience that doing all of the above is all I want to do and by doing so Living is a continuous gift.


Hello Everybody, I just want to leave here some words about where I stand now after 1 month living at the quinta with Helder. I could give you a report on everything that was seen and changed but it would be an endless post, so I'm just pointing out what it is like for me now. For the first time I see very simply that what I want to be doing is the work that is being done at the quinta, there is nothing else in Porto or elsewhere that I feel I still want to accomplish, there is no more postponing my hearts desire, there is no future in that sense, there is no more discovering, having to be sure of something else before taking a move. And the work is to help manifesting in me and in others the truth of Simplicity, of Reality of the mystery, the truth of Freedom. It is this core work. Everything I've been doing until now has, for sure, its value but my heart sings with the work, that Cynthia, Peter, Raquel, David and Katja are doing at the quinta. It is a very simple recognition and very important to me. I don't know what it will mean in practical terms but it is very good to have this clarity.

I have to say that what is happening at the moment in the quinta is very magical and impossible to grasp with your mind there is just a request to recognize I am It, I am pure Love. And there was also a massive amount of fun.

Thank you to all the residents and Pete and Cynthia for your care and 24h ruthless beingness.

Love you all very much.



Dear Sangha,

what a big surprise and a delightful treat this 10 day retreat was. I could never guess what would happen. I knew to expect a lot of meditation, sure, but the chakra contemplation and other bits of surprises were a big mystery to me which I didn't know what to think about but was very curious to go into.

It went way beyond my wildest imagination how practical we got, how I felt a fully embodied human-woman, a sensual, sexual, creative, sensitive being, spiritual within a body of flesh and bones. I never felt so grounded and so much Inside my fragile, complex and strong body than during these days. I feel this is a new stage for the ALP. I feel the maturity to wander into other subtle areas of our existence.

I also re-discovered Peter as a genial teacher, I felt his warmth, care, strikes of revolution, inspiring craziness, humour and deep knowledge. I feel much more close to him as a student.

Also I was very surprised by Jutta's trance dance and Sia's Chakra toning. Really. We have amazing people coming alive with amazing tools.

Now I write you from Biovilla in Palmela where I'm taking the week to do a course on Social Innovation for Resilient Communities which I'll be glad to share later with whoever is interested. I just found this great meditation rock under a big Azinheira tree to meditate every morning :)


Dear Sangha,

My retreat was a surprise of no depth, no experience, no blissful dive.

Still I was magic, I was love, I was my surroundings, I was all my complex and simple existence, I was and I am.

Very early the “no depth and nothing is really happening” feeling came clear as the quality of Reality. What in previous retreats I had experienced as depth was simply a full embodiment of Reality, of Myself. This transformed all the experiences I was going through, such as my body moving on its own, soft continuous explosions of love, internal massages of waves of energy, as normal. As the normality of Reality is divine magic.

The obvious no fascination but realization of the magic that I am and We are, built the ground on which the retreat evolved. I had fantastic books-teachers with me, The Knee of Listening by Adi Da, MINWYT by Pete and Desire, Introduction to Tantra by Daniel Odier.

I began exploring my sensoriality, “hearing” through my skin, nurturing myself through breath, sharpening my vision. This took me beyond the understanding of being Reality to the extreme pleasure of feeling the forms of Reality. Touching the world through our amazing senses brings everything alive, brings the sun warming up distant mountain tops to my own body.

We are so much already ourselves, there is no escape, there is only recognition. No more trying from a place of not being. Only devotion and Love for Love itself which includes all of our life experience.

I-Love, kept breaking my heart and bringing me to my family, to this Sangha, to Cynthia and Pete, to Helder, to my Work, and saying there is nothing else to do but Love. It is the intelligence that make us move, plan, celebrate. Trusting one aspect of life to Love and not others is investing in a Lie our relative selves tell themselves, not wanting to leave the endless loop of lack and seeking that veils Reality out.

All there is to do is bathe in Love.

Coming to the end of the retreat I wrote:

My kind of Enlightenment has:


It's time to live up to what i know, feel and want to become.
It's time to live up to the freedom i feel in me.
It's time for simplicity and to bring myself to centre and moment.
I have experienced enough to know how i want to be and live.
I have further to experience, but what i've seen is enough to guide today's path.
I am big, of an unlimited size as time or space don't limit my growth and understanding. I, as everybody else.
Fear, anger, stress, pride, modesty, jeaulosy, none of them are real.
These are the result of mankind searching for centuries to live in a society and deal with birth, death and the natural wild world around them.
I want to hug and hold life in all it's certainty and uncertainty.
I leave my fears that have made me mecanize habits for years, for centuries.
I leave therefore the habit of needing to be special.
I leave the habit of worrying about what others think of me.
I leave the habit of self sabotage when i want to let go and love.
I leave the habit of needing a partner.
I leave the habit of feeling inferior to other women and men.
I leave the habit of feeling superior to other women and men.
I leave the habit of judgement.
I leave the habit of limiting my capacities.
I leave the habit of hiding and masking mistakes and faillures.
I leave the habit of needing to be right everytime.
Today i bury fear.
Today i bury time.
Today i bury ego.
Rest in Peace.
Today i'm reborn in colours.
This is my way to thank you women for eternity!


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The Awakened Life Project is situated in a beautiful and wild ecological reserve in the mountains Central Portugal. We offer volunteer programs, courses, events and retreats to support the liberation of the human spirit in a context of evolutionary emergence and communion with the ecological web of life.


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