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EvoLusa - Toward a more Awakened Portugal

What is EvoLusa: The Portuguese Soul & the Future and why are we creating it?

Over the past few years the ALP family has been growing to include more and more Portuguese who initially participated in our events and courses and then became dear friends inspired and committed to our vision for the evolution of consciousness and culture in Portugal.

Those of us who are foreigners living here see in the Portuguese some beautiful and rare spiritual qualities that the Portuguese usually do not recognize in themselves. There is a purity of heart, an innocence and humility that are very precious and refreshing to those of us who come from USA and Northern Europe, where the culture of narcissism and materialism is much more entrenched. These receptive and embracing qualities express themselves as a lack of self-importance, tolerance and openness, but there is also the more creative quality of passion for the unknown, which inspired the Portuguese to make fundamental contributions to the evolution of human culture laying the foundations for our globalization in the Age of Discoveries for example. But this quality especially is often buried by a deep inferiority complex and passivity in the Portuguese character that inhibits the full flowering of the potential that Portugal can offer the world in this time of great crisis and transition. We believe that Portugal does not need to keep up with the structures of the modern West  which are collapsing (which only feeds the inferiority complex), but can offer a significant contribution to a new paradigm of universality and sustainability for a world in transition.

After many conversations about this subject, in which a profound sense of purpose has emerged, we (both foreigners and Portuguese of ALP) feel inspired to create a documentary film that we hope will catalyze a cultural conversation and a significant awakening of the Portuguese soul. This awakening is, and will be, an evolutionary awakening that is reaching toward the future, beyond sectarianism, toward a universal spiritual context that we hope will build bridges in a world divided by walls and inspire co-creative action. The goal of the documentary is to illuminate the profoundity and multi-dimensionality of the Portuguese soul through a variety of perspectives, and also to clarify the cultural patterns that a significant number of inspired pioneers need to be willing to transcend individually and collectively, if the spiritual destiny of Portuguese Soul, (which is, of course, a universal and not a national destiny) is to fully flower and be given to the world.

We are in the early stages of creating the documentary so if anyone reading this has any suggestions please let us know at

To make this happen we also need your help. We have very enthusiastic people who want to give their time and energy to create the documentary but we do not have the funds yet to make it a reality for them to do so. Every donation no matter how small will help. So if you feel inspired by the mission then please donate whatever you can give (click on the donate button on this website) and help us spread the word!

This is a video of a talk that Peter gave in Portuguese at the (R)evolucionar Conference in March 2012 on this subject...

You can read the text of the talk in English here...

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The Awakened Life Project is situated in a beautiful and wild ecological reserve in the mountains Central Portugal. We offer volunteer programs, courses, events and retreats to support the liberation of the human spirit in a context of evolutionary emergence and communion with the ecological web of life.


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