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Our Collective Journey

I have been in the men's group since Pete first started our group about three years ago and I have to say, it gives me great satisfaction and fulfillment to look back to when we started and to see how far we have come. Looking forward and wondering where we will go together and what is possible for the future simply leaves me in awe.

I am deeply grateful for our brotherhood. I know that what we have, what is between us and what we are building is incredibly important and powerful, and I am thrilled to see how what we are giving ourselves to is growing into a very real and powerful demonstration of what is possible.

The work of our collective is the greatest and most worthy challenge: we want to develop a liberated relationship to our own experience so that we can free ourselves from the unconscious, compulsive and conditioned ways through which we create a world of separation and suffering. We want to transform profoundly, and by taking responsibility for all of our experience and action, create a new culture of unity and creative unfolding that is free from the structures in consciousness that have been dominating us for millennia.

The support of a committed collective where we understand that we are on this journey together, to help each other and continuously grow towards higher unity, is the most precious thing there can be.  All of us – all the men in our group - have changed and developed profoundly and thus our collective as a whole has evolved enormously. We now share a foundation of very deep trust, ease and natural intimacy that is extraordinary and at the same time our spiritual brotherhood and camaraderie is very real and simple. We support the best in each other – and at times this means directly challenging each other, but we do it in the most caring way.

When we come together for the meetings now, the love and affection that is so obvious between us is deeply moving, and this field of care and trust, which are qualities of the unity that we manifest, is a very powerful container for other, new men to step into.

A big part of the work we do together is developing an objective view and clear understanding of our own experience and circumstances of being alive as a man at this time in our society. It is an ongoing relief to find out that our own experience is the same experience that others are having. This makes us understand that most of our struggles and challenges are part of an universal process of development, driven by our own intrinsic motivation to evolve.

It is clear that our collective awareness is the most powerful force to shift our perspective so we can see objectively what otherwise can appear to be big obstacles. The power of the collective is essential to stop personalizing and identifying with all of the thoughts, emotions and drives that we experience. And it makes perfect sense because the present momentum in main stream culture – the structures in consciousness that are driving us when we are unconscious - have been created collectively during the past, so now we need to come together to transcend those structures and collectively create a new structures and a momentum towards a much brighter future.

Marko Maitz



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