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Ongoing Women's Groups

Currently there are 3 women's groups in Portugal.  As more women become interested in waking up and in particular in this perspective of Evolutionary Spirituality more groups are beginning to form.

The women's groups consist of dedicated women who are interested in change, change in themselves, change in their relationships, change in their culture.  We come together once a month for an entire day.  The day can consist of meditation, presentations, dialogue and discussion groups.  In these groups we are focused on shifting our identification from a small and limited sense of self to identifying with the force of evolution itself as ourselves.  This is a very big thing to do but through conscious intention this shift is starting to take place and we are finding a freer relationship to our minds, our emotions and our entire human experience.

We all understand that we are stronger if we stand united in ourselves and with each other then we are if we hold ourselves separate.  The movement to hold ourselves separate is very strong in all of us and this is not personal to any of us.   Part of our investigation is to look into the fear, desires and attachments that hold us back and as we come together we realize that these are not our personal problems but conditions that have been created over time and that all women can relate to.  This movement of separation and limitation was co-created by both men and women and it is fascinating to start to understand 'why I think what I think and why I do what I do'.  It is very liberating to find out that flaws that one thinks is personal are not my personal at all but a condition that all women struggle with. 

So these groups are about facing all aspects of our experience, our highest highs of the deepest part of ourselves and the egoic tendencies that seem to be holding us back and separate.

In between the monthly groups, smaller groups of women meet over Zoom once a week. We call these 'holon' calls. The holon calls are self led or facilitated by women with more experience.  There are mixed groups of foreigners and Portuguese and there are groups with just Portuguese so women can explore in their native language. These smaller groups create an opportunity to go deeper into the subjects brought up in the monthly meetings, for women to receive support if they are struggling with something and for everyone to have a further opportunity to take their own evolution and the evolution of the whole into their own hands.  Women comment on how these holon calls inform their daily lives and how they notice that their responses to practical demands of change.

We also have a very active Facebook group that is not open to the public.  Starting in January 2018 ALP will have a forum with many sections for the public to engage in.

One of the challenges we have in this movement of awakening women is how to embrace the interest of more women!  How to bring new women into the groups without slowing down the  existing groups or overwhelming the new women?  We are finding creative ways to answer this demand. Cynthia now offers a weekly webinar that is by donation only.  It is on the first Wednesday of every month from 8:00pm - 9:30pm.  Please check the events page for information and you can listen to past webinars by clicking here. Cynthia also does at least one women's retreat per year and is now offering 1 day virtual retreats.  Again please check the events page for information. 

Once someone has gone to a 5 or 10 retreat with Cynthia and/or Pete they are eligible to possibly join the ongoing groups.  We have also opened up the possibility to have ongoing virtual groups with people who have already come to retreats and are unable to be physically present at either women's or men's groups in Portugal.  These groups will be around 10-15 people.  Depending on the desire of those interested these groups may be only women, only men or mixed.  The first step is to come to a retreat so you can get to know what ALP is about.

If you would like to hear and read from some of the women in the groups, click here.  There are written statements and videos.

To read an article about 'What is an Evolutionary Enlightened Woman" please click here.


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