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Shared Values




We recognize that if we want to liberate ourselves from fear, selfishness, ignorance and self-deception, our commitment to spiritual evolution must be stronger than any other motivating factor in our lives. It is our individual and shared intention that creates the ground for deep trust and real transformation.


Humility, Transparency & Vulnerability

We are committed to being sincere, honest and true, free from all pretenses. We take the risk to lean into the unknown, to expose our difficulties and fears and to give voice to our deepest intuitions and understanding.


We accept full responsibility for our life, our karma and for the evolution of the group. We recognize that to be a truly independent, liberated human being we must reject all temptation to be a victim. We, and we alone, are making the important choices. We are willing to take responsibility for the consequences of everything that has happened to us, no matter how difficult, because we recognize that only then is it possible to be free from the past and re-create ourselves anew.


We embrace the commitment to ongoing self-inquiry. We cultivate, individually and collectively, the expansion of our spiritual heart so that we are willing to face the truth no matter how painful and challenging it may be. Self-inquiry means not only confronting our ignorance but also embracing our capacity for goodness, love and limitless possibility. 


We embrace the truth that there is only one human experience. We recognize that there is nothing uniquely personal about any aspect of our personal experience. We consistently endeavor to liberate ourselves and others from the suffering caused by the compulsive and habitual personalization of that which is impersonal. We see biological, psychological and cultural conditioning through the liberating lens of the impersonal view. The recognition of the ultimate impersonality of all personal experience shows the way to the destruction of all false and wrong views about the nature of reality, relative and absolute.

Evolutionary Love

Evolutionary Love is the experience of pure passionate care for the evolution of life and consciousness itself. This love has a different quality than what is often called “unconditional love”. Unconditional Love is the radical acceptance of everything as it is. From that ground emerges the sacred fire of an Evolutionary Love that is committed to transformation. In this collective we embrace the paradox of both these expressions of love.

Autonomy & Communion

We embrace the paradox that we are both unique individuals with a particular expression and viewpoint, and, at the same time, that we are ultimately One Consciousness. We encourage the emergence of the full creative flowering of every individual in the context of profound communion and egoless passion.

We embrace the courage to think for ourselves and stand alone in the truth of our own experience. We resolve not to conform to “groupthink” or values and patterns that inhibit our authentic expression, while at the same time being receptive to the “majority view” in the group as a whole. When we give ourselves completely in a collective context autonomy and communion become one. This is the ground for a higher order of human relationship beyond ego.

Creative Friction

We understand that there is no evolution without some degree of friction. Therefore we are committed to challenging each other, from a ground of trust, to live up to what we know, to be clear etc. In this context we do not see conflict as negative but as an opportunity for further growth and deeper trust. What makes any friction or conflict “creative” is when it results in a more comprehensive, multidimensional understanding in which the highest or deepest “view” is established in the collective. In an evolutionary spiritual context evolution has a higher value than maintaining “peace and harmony”. This gives us the freedom to embrace conflict without fragmenting.

Holding Formation

We are committed to holding formation so that there is a strong container for friction to result in an evolutionary outcome. We are committed to not fragmenting inwardly or separating outwardly in the face of challenging emotions and disagreement.


The sum of our spiritual engagement is become trustworthy integrated awakened men dedicated to continuous development who are an inspiration to others. We aspire to live a life free from fundamental contradiction so that our character and actions become a clear expression of our deepest understanding.





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About the project

The Awakened Life Project is situated in a beautiful and wild ecological reserve in the mountains Central Portugal. We offer volunteer programs, courses, events and retreats to support the liberation of the human spirit in a context of evolutionary emergence and communion with the ecological web of life.


Quinta da Mizarela
3305-031 Benfeita
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