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Women on Leadership

 This is a very big subject and we will continuously add content.  For now a video clip from an interview with Cynthia Bampton and an article by Sara Rocha, one of the members of the Coimbra Women's Group.


Leadership, from Victimization to Accepting Our Power
By Sara Rocha – Coimbra Women’s Group

What is true leadership? And how can we be true leaders?
Leadership becomes natural when we accept that we are owners of our own life, already owners of our own power to do and create our own life.

Victimization still is a very strong habit, which is why we need to “accept” the incredible truth that we are alive, that life is good, that we are beautiful, that we can trust, that we are not prisoners but masters of our destinies. This implies that we accept all the responsibility that comes with it. The only effort seems to be a positive effort to let everything go. In this way, we even don't need to inspire others, or try to “touch” that-place-in-people-where-they-will-open-their-hearts-and-find-the-light. If we are honestly free, chasing our own purpose, doing what we know is right, while we enjoy the path, which is already very inspiring. Furthermore, in this way, there is so much space created around us and others that people can simply jump into it, if that is their honest will and right time to do it.

In this sense, true leaders are women who are rooted in a strong intention to be free and, therefore, who can create their own life's. It is really possible! We must be careful with the impulse to not accept this, this resistance can be expressed as the need to look for/to create a problem, so we can say to ourselves, “see, you know you are not capable/you are a lie, blá, blá, blá...”

In the end, resisting to the temptation of being the one who solves the problems, the one who carries all the burden of human salvation, the one who victimizes through the conflict with other women, can make happen good surprises! It seems that happiness is not that really important; if we are free it comes on the same package, as a bonus.

Being free is just that, being free, the flow of waters of the river, a strong wind in the winter, a shock between tectonic plates. It is not good or bad, right or wrong, pleasurable or not pleasurable. It is.

Accepting this truth, and not waiting for a result, for salvation, for relief, for approval, means we are natural leaders.



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