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An Immense Blessing

Ever since I started the Men’s group with Pete, almost 3 years ago, there has been a part of me continuously challenged! Actually it took me a long time to be in the group completely relaxed and at ease, nevertheless I always kept the commitment, not only with my own evolution, but also with the evolution of the whole group. Although I’m still deepening my understanding about all the dynamics of life, and I believe that this is a process that has no end, I’m more and more deeply appreciating the importance and fundamental value of being in such a group...

Along the time that the group has been happening, some new men have joined, other have left (some to come back again later), and others have continued all the way persistently. Now I know from my own experience, that like a muscle has to be trained repeatedly to grow in its form and shape, the way that I see the world can also evolve through a determined and consistent questioning and reevaluation of my own ideas, thoughts and conditionings. And if it’s true that doing such work on one’s own can be very hard and laborious, my experience tells me that doing it within a group of caring and loving brothers not only makes that noble effort easier, but also much more fun and meaningful...

I have been realizing that through transparency, openness and a lot of humility, all that is shared in the group has the potential to transform each and everyone of us, not only by us realizing how impersonal “our life” and challenges really are (I can always relate to some extent to what is being shared), but also because we can all benefit from everyone else’s experiences, responses or suggestions about any topic that is discussed...

From more basic subjects like money or sex, to more subtle and deeper ones like what is our purpose in life, and many other in between, nothing is a taboo and there is always space and time for everyone to share and explore whatever challenge he is facing, to celebrate every step forward, or to simply rest and abide in the silence and awareness that binds us and allows us to truly experience how we are really only one...

For me it continues to be an immense blessing to be a part of this group and I can honestly say that it has been fundamental in my own transformation as a men, father, husband, son and also as a friend...

Thank you Pete for sharing all that you continue to discover, for always supporting the best in us and for showing what is possible to attain within a group of men!

Thank you brothers for your continuous inspiration, for many times taking risks for sake of truth, for always being there when someone needs and for making this journey much more interesting and fun! There could be no better way to do it :-)

With great joy and Love,

Ricardo Gonçalves


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