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What is an Evolutionary Enlightened Woman?

By Cynthia Bampton

An evolutionary enlightened woman is a woman is more interested in evolving than anything else. She is willing to see what she needs to seen about herself and her conditioning, and most importantly, she is willing to transcend any conditioning that holds her back from being a full expression of who she is. In a certain way an evolutionary enlightened woman is no different than any other woman who has followed a deeply spiritual longing to be a full expression of Love Absolute. But there is a difference in that evolution is a truth that has only been understood and known about recently.

So why does an evolutionary perspective make a difference? The answer is simple and it changes everything. If we see evolution as the context of our existence, we no longer see ourselves outside of the process of evolution itself. We know that for the evolution of consciousness and culture to occur it must occur through Me, through You, through Us. And it gets even bigger as we realize that our purpose for being in this body, on this planet right now is the cutting edge of evolution itself. After thousands of years we as women are becoming conscious that we are conscious and that we are here to create a newer and more integrated future. We are not small separate beings but we are the unfolding of the universe itself.

In order for women to embrace our purpose for being here and to evolve beyond our separate sense of self we must also live our lives from an enlightenment context. An enlightenment context is one that says who we are at the deepest level is already free and has never been bound. We have never been wounded and traumatized by anything that has happened in time. Our primary identity is one of Spirit beyond time and it is from there that we embrace everything that has ever happened in time. It is only from this context that we will find the courage and strength of character to see all that we need to see and to act from the new understandings that emerge.

To be an evolutionary enlightened woman and to be a true expression of Love beyond limitation, separation and manipulation, one must embrace both the enlightenment perspective and the evolutionary perspective as being two aspects of the One Spirit that we all are. This essentially means that all of the conditioning that women need to transcend in order to evolve must be seen from the perspective that, first and foremost, she is already, in her essential spiritual nature, outside of this condition. Her primary identification is as Spirit that is already free and timeless, while simultaneously she understands that it is her purpose in creation, and incarnate as woman, to transcend conditioning that has been accumulated in time, conditioning that is holding her and the evolutionary process back.

The unification of these two perspectives changes everything as it gives women a bigger purpose for being here on this planet. We are here to evolve consciousness as ourselves. We can now look at challenges in our lives as not something to avoid but something to embrace, as not something negative but as positive drivers toward a new future.

So what does this mean on a practical level for women? In a way it means the same thing for men but as we know men and women have different conditioning to transcend in order to participate in the next evolutionary leap.

So how do we do this?

First we must start to embrace ourselves as something so much bigger than our small, separate, limited ideas that we hold. We must start to embrace ourselves as the vehicles for consciousness to evolve. We must see ourselves as needed participants in creating a better future.

We need to understand why we do what we do and why we think what we think. We need to learn to inquire deeply into our experience, beyond the surface fluctuations of our emotional experience. We need to investigate our history and understand the evolutionary unfolding that has created the conditions that we still operate from today. We need to learn and understand that our level of consciousness has evolved over time and that so much of our female conditioning was created for specific reasons that are no longer valuable to our further unfolding today. As one consciousness ALL history is our history. Also an interesting thing to consider is that if reincarnation is a truth then we are not victims to men as we most likely we were men in past lives! The challenges we are facing as women today have been co-created by both men and women; we are co-creators of the ‘now’ as we are the co-creators of the future.

An evolutionary enlightened woman surrenders to a force within herself that is Love. It is from this Love that she finds the courage and strength to see the whole picture and her role in it. It is also from this Love that she embraces the truth of unity over the lie of separation and limitation. She must face the place in herself where she is still holding on to separation and victimization. She must be willing to let go of any identity that imposes this position on herself and others.

No one can hold us back if we are committed within ourselves to being free women. But what does it mean to be a free woman? What does freedom really mean? Is it the freedom to do whatever I want, whenever I want or is it something much bigger than that?

Most of us want to be free from suffering, which is completely understandable. But is this freedom? We may experience some relief and some sense of freedom but if we are sincere we will soon find that our suffering is completely interconnected to the suffering of others, so our freedom is completely interconnected to the freedom of others. We begin to see that for us to be free women we must drop all the untrue and limiting ideas we have about ourselves and we must drop those same ideas we have about others. As we free ourselves we free the other. As we let go of limitation and separation we start to experience the truth of Oneness, of Unity not as some idea but as our own experience.

WE are the most fortunate women in history. For those of us who are awake to our deepest selves and who understand anything I have said in this article, we have the capacity to evolve beyond anything we could have imagined. We are not dependent upon anyone for our evolution and yet we need to come together to evolve to a higher level. We need to love ourselves and love our sisters (and brothers) as ourselves. We need to be more interested in supporting the best in each other more then we are attached to being loved or liked by the other.

This path is not an easy one to walk and it demands everything from any woman (or man) that chooses to walk it. As women we must be willing to stand up and to stand out. We must be willing to be leaders of a new culture. All women are conditioned and all women have evolutionary opportunities every day. Do we as women have the courage to embrace our nurturing qualities and not use them to manipulate others so we feel secure? Do we have the courage to let go of control so we can learn to respond in any way that is needed and not just in ways that keep our feminine ego in charge? Do we have the courage to drop the victimized position that we have co-created with men? In the end do we love enough to BE LOVE itself?

So what is an evolutionary woman enlightened woman look like? I think she will express deep ease of being, egoless passion, a deep a care beyond oneself, courage, fearlessness, softness and strength. These are not characteristics that she can manufacture; they will emerge when she surrenders to the deeply relaxed, passionate, courageous, soft, strong women that SHE ALREADY is, that you already are. These characteristics can only emerge when we let go of all ideas about who we think we should be. Free means free of all identity and all ideas. An evolutionary enlightened woman is not an identity one can hold onto or try to manifest; it is something that one becomes when one is truly willing to BE FREE.



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