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Integral Evolutionary Spirituality, Community & Sustainability
How the Women's Groups Have Changed My Life

The women’s groups meet once a month for a whole day. The groups are led by Cynthia Bampton and we are all needed participants in order for ourselves and the group to evolve.  We have calls on skype once or twice a week that we call ‘holon’ calls. These calls are fantastic because they give us constant support and connection with each other. We understand more and more that our evolution is not separate from the evolution of the other.  As we find this out we know in our own experience we know that what we do matters.  When I evolve, it helps my sister to evolve and this is very powerful to realize. And we have an active FB group.  You can read more about the women’s groups by clicking here.

As we come together we find out that our struggles are not personal and the part of us that is reaching for something higher is also not personal.  When we want to be free women more than we want to be afraid we find strength in ourselves that we never dreamed possible.  And then to share this with other women is even more powerful. 

To give you a flavor of our experience we have written or spoken about the changes we have made in our lives and how being in the women’s groups have helped to catalyze these changes.  We hope that you enjoy our stories.

Laura - English

Sandra – German  


Belisa – Portuguese

Ana Sofia – Portuguese  

Jutta – German 

Raquel D – Portuguese 

Sia – German 

Suma – English  

Filipa – Portuguese




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