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Women Waking Up to Their True Potential - 38 Women Come Together!

On May 9th, 38 women came together to explore what is possible for women when we embrace our deepest selves and our unlimited potential.

The retreat started off Friday night with dinner and then introductions. At the end of the introductions we all meditated for about 15 minutes. This meditation was to set the tone for the entire weekend as it was incredibly deep and still. The seriousness, commitment and intention of every woman there was felt in the collective meditation field that emerged. I knew we were off to a fantastic start!

Saturday was a mix of meditation, presentations, writing exercises, discussion groups and silent time to reflect and contemplate ones experience.

The context was set, who we are at the deepest level is already free (Enlightenment Context) and we are developing human beings that are the evolutionary expression of that one already free consciousness (Evolutionary Context).

All day we inquired into the universal nature of ourselves as Consciousness and the universal nature of Ego Consciousness and how this looks in our experience here and now and in our daily lives. The Cosmic was meeting the Practical!

In the afternoon there was a presentation commonly referred to as the Ego Bucket. This presentation was very full in exposing the different characteristics of Ego and in this case we focused on how these characteristics look when manifested in a female form. This was illuminating for many!

One of the fantastic things that happened in this retreat was the emergence of new leaders. Part of the ongoing ALP Women’s Movement which we call NOS (Nos Ousamos Ser – WE DARE TO BE) is the cultivation of women leaders. During this retreat some of the women from the existing groups had the opportunity to lead groups, to express how Evolutionary Spirituality and coming together with others had changed their lives. I only asked them to speak in front of everyone a little bit before they had to do it. All of them were willing even though they experienced a bit of fear. It was a beautiful thing to watch as they started off a bit nervous but then they let go and the deepest part of themselves started to emerge. They all expressed themselves differently, a beautiful experience of unique expressions of the one Self. As soon as they got a taste of the power of their authentic selves coursing through them they loved it and kept going until it was the perfect time to stop and they did. It was beautiful to see this emergence and very inspiring for everyone.

The day finished with another deep and still meditation.

In all retreats I always invite people to do a 2am to 4am meditation. This is completely optional and everyone is encouraged to decide for oneself if it would be evolutionary to go. For some women who had worked all week and needed sleep the most evolutionary thing would be not to go, for others it would be to go. So at 2am we had 23 women meditating in the still of the night. It was beautiful to be together in this way.

The depth, interest and commitment continued through Sunday. Sunday morning it was time to present the history of women. Of course this was not the completely history but it highlighted some of the events in history that created some of the conditioning that we still act out of today. 5 of the newly emerging leaders read the history and Laura and I commented, as we are more familiar with the history.

Again something different happened! Women were making comments and a lively inquiry emerged. 38 women inquiring together into our collective history and acknowledging that men and women have co-created this history and how we can transcend it by not taking a polarized position and even better by working together to co-create a new future.

Our last session was in a big circle under the trees. The last questions, acknowledgements of gratitude and a last few minutes to joyfully sit together.

AND a very important part of this retreat! The service of this retreat was performed perfectly by the ALP men and some of the male participants of our 2 month Transformational Intensive that is occurring now. Everything was done with care and love. We had fantastic food, a beautiful environment all creating by men who were supporting the evolution of women!

We all felt that 2 days was not enough, we were just getting started when our time together ended. Many women expressed interest in creating new women’s groups or wanting to bring the perspective we shared to their existing communities or groups. So now one week later we are in the process of responding to this new emergence of female expression of spirit that wants to evolve here and now, though all of us!


If you would like to join us in coming together in this way please check out the info of some upcoming events!

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Women Waking Up to Their True Potential - 5 Day Retreat for Women in October 14th to 19th.

Next Retreat on Evolutionary Spirituality led by Cynthia and Pete Bampton – August 21 to August 31


I feel that the value of this retreat was not only the content, but the way it is reverberating after in my life...

My structures were shaken by everything we felt, thought and discovered during these days about being a woman, and the freedom and responsibility that we have to act TODAY?

What struck me most in this experiment ?
Firstly , I had never been in the same context with a group of 38 women, and women united by the same purpose. A very fluid coexistence in harmony and unity that was higher from the first moment that distrust or competition.

At the same time, I felt that we were having the opportunity to live our femininity from a very " real" and wide perspective, without being "romanticizing" ourselves (let's join hands and do "female" dances) or focusing on body practice ( menstrual cycle, natural childbirth etc. ), but try to understand, in a comprehensive manner,  what has defined a woman until now and the new woman " that it is in our hands to give birth to!

It was so important to have for the first time the notion of women's history from the beginning of time until now. A none victimized perspective, in order to understand what is behind us. We would not be here with the awareness that we have today without all that came before.  And I know, increasingly, that the path is continuous and sometimes difficult,  but the energy we get back when we give ourselves to Evolution fills everything.  

Teresa Fabião - Porto

I was never before with so many unknown women in a room or in a retreat, but the energy felt during two days blew me apart with amazement and excitement. Since the first meditation, I could feel we were so together, and everyone was looking forward to go deeper, to explore the unknown, to find a little bit more about each other and about this female consciousness that I always knew to be there. As the retreat went by I couldn't stop being astonished with so much covered and so much reached in such a small amount of time. When the retreat was over and I looked at everyone's faces, there was this relaxation and ease, this shining and lightness of being.

Ever more I believe that when a group of women come together with the same interest, dedication and above all intention, they can achieve the unachievable, go places never walked before and transform the world. And we did all that in only two days. I thank Cynthia and the ALP for making this possible and real.

Teresa Leite - Porto

The trust field created among women present in the retreat, made me start witnessing more often what kind of field i'm creating with the women in my everyday life. I became more and more aware of the shared field I co-create, be it with women, men, children, grandmother, people! I'm responding to what i'm being called to respond to. It's not as I tend to predict in form, but it is clearly The Process, and it's huge to be part of it! It's not so important if I'm doing the "jobs" i know I can do, it's much more important to realize that there's so much more I can do, that i didn't know, and simply let it manifest!

Lilia Catarina - Porto

I could not imagine when I subscribed a 10 days retreat at ALP, in August last year, that it would only be the first one. At the end of the retreat, I felt I had to go on and the natural thing to me was to ask Cynthia if I could join the women´s groups in order to do, together with other women, the path I had just started.

This retreat «Women waking up to our true potential», in May 9, 10 and 11, is really what I truly believe in – that we have, within each of us, all the potential we need – and what I truly want – to be conscious of that same potential in me. I didn´t create any expectations. I only had a clear intention: to be together with other women also interested in evolving, in being free.

So, 38 women came together and in the first meditation was pretty clear, right away, the commitment, the responsibility, the quietness, the serenity, the excitement, the passion, the strength and the unity. We were one single consciousness connected in the same intention: to evolve.

If I´ve been feeling, all my life, not knowing to explain how nor why, that «love exists beyond every single thing», that there is a much bigger meaning to all this, to my life, and that women have a pioneer role in this emergent society… in this retreat I was absolutely sure that not only is this possible, but that this is already real.

One of the most wonderful moments of this retreat was the emergence of new leaders. Amazing women, with amazing qualities, who chose not to give importance to the natural fear of standing out and who shared, in a touching way, so authentic, their experiences. This was crucial for all of us, who could see, in a practical way, how this evolution path transforms us and how real it is.

On the other hand, listening to the «Women´s History» was very important to me, too, because it helped me to be conscious of countless conditionings I still act upon: some, I am conscious of their existence, but I haven´t been able yet to free myself from them; others, I was not conscious of them. All of those conditionings confine my full expression of a free woman.

To me, this retreat was an explosion of Feminine Consciousness! I´m very happy because I had the opportunity to be a part of it! I feel in me the creative energy and the will to do all I can so that more and more women can live this!

Cristina Santos Silva


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