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A Seed for a New World
spiritual awakening

It is hard to chose the right words or describe precisely the experience of deepening myself in the path of conscious evolution, its almost like every adjective seems short or meaningless.

But I guess I could say its similar to that of making a puzzle; there is always joy when you find a matching piece, there is frustration at times, sometimes it is tiring and you cannot really see the similarities or differences  between the pieces, but you can always trust that you will be able to put the pieces together and get a great picture at the end!

Going through the Transformation Intensive process was, for me, like truly embracing the fact that I was, I am and I will continue to make a puzzle whose final picture I don’t have in my hands right now, but I can fully trust that all the pieces will match and none of them will go missing.

It all unfolded from one of those moments of uncertainty and confusion in life, otherwise known as “a call to Awaken”. I felt that there was a lot inside me that was up in the air and needed a place to land. I felt like a fruit still hanging from a tree on a very thin and weak branch, but even though I was feeling a bit lost, I decided to listen to that impulse that kept telling me to come to the Awakened Life Project.

I must admit that I went through the most challenging weeks of my life. I faced things I didn’t want to face and I discovered things that I didn’t even know existed! Accepting and letting go of the mind, of my ego, letting go of how it acts and reacts, how it distorts and separates me from that which is true, I became more and more real within myself.

So I took the challenge, I surrendered to the process and with the help of amazing people (Cynthia, Pete, co-creator residents and fellow Intensives) the journey began. I cut that branch that was holding me to the tree and I landed in the most beautiful, fertile soil I could possibly imagine. That fertile soil is consciousness, is oneness, is that place where everything is already ok, were the I am is no longer important, because I know that I am everything. By working on being aware of my ego, I feel that the seed has cracked and its starting to shoot roots.

In the last week of the Intensive I received a package of tools, that were the culmination of all we had learned together over two months, to help this seed grow bigger and stronger.

I am nurturing the soil with meditation, a strong intention to be free, acknowledging the power of my choices and I can go on… but what really matters is that I can trust that this seed landed just where it needed to land and what will be harvested from the tree would be a contribution to take a leap in the evolution of consciousness.

Daniella Rubiano - Colombia

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The Awakened Life Project is situated in a beautiful and wild ecological reserve in the mountains Central Portugal. We offer volunteer programs, courses, events and retreats to support the liberation of the human spirit in a context of evolutionary emergence and communion with the ecological web of life.


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