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Reflections on the 10 Day Evolutionary Awakening Retreat

Some reflections from participants about their experience on 10 day Evolutionary Awakening retreat...

If you're thinking about taking some time out to be with yourself, in a beautiful place in nature, to taste delicious vegetarian food and to go deep into the practice of meditation, guided by a skillful teacher, you don't need to go to Thailand or India. Portugal is the place, more specifically "Quinta da Mizarela", near Benfeita, Coimbra.

I've had the opportunity to attend half of the Evolutionary Awakening Retreat lead by Pete Bampton, where during 5 days my only goal was to dive deep into silence and meditation. Everything else was taken care by Cynthia Bampton and her magnificent team, that we're unstoppable in the task of helping us not to make a problem out of anything!

I really had a wonderful experience and recommend it to everyone who wants to go deep inside in search of themselves. As a bonus you will have the pleasure to meet and relate with some "special beings", like Mingo, Nuno, Sam, Tux, Nina and Lola, some of the farm's animals!

Vasco Gaspar, Lisbon

I was searching for new reference points and perspectives so that I could avoid deadening habitual patterns in the way I relate to myself and the world. I was hoping to learn something that would enable me to gain tranquility and a new vision of how to act meaningfully in the world. Well these expectations were totally met by this Evolutionary Awakening Retreat and so much more!

I have discovered that body, mind and emotions are only a small part of who I really am and for the first time I have a determined aspiration for spiritual development. The greatest and most singular difference about this spiritual approach for me is that it is totally connected with the human, social, technological and civilizational challenges of our times. The perspectives shared on this retreat, combined with the meditation, yoga and group conversations, were the very essence of an integral vision.

Sofia Mora, Porto

It seems that my whole life led me to this Evolutionary Awakening Retreat, because I discovered that I always had the power to choose to be Free but was always denying it. I had never meditated before and if you ask me why I thought it was so important to learn I could not really answer, I just felt it! At the beginning it was difficult but I did not give up and, with the "infinite patience" that Pete emphasised, gradually I opened up to an experience that has changed my whole life. And the exciting thing is that I  know it will go on developing because I am the Universe, We are the Universe, and everything is wanting to be created! This is the time to do it: here and now!

Thank you all at the Awakened Life Project for making this possible and for teaching us SO MUCH!, not just by talking passionately about it, but mostly for being the change that I know is possible and yes it is happening : )

Tisha, Viana de Castelo

I am trully awed with all that happened on the Evolutionary Awakening Retreat with Pete and Cynthia. Now I know what ecstatic intimacy really means!! I went deeper than ever into meditation and I was challenged to change and drop the limitations I was imposing on myself (thanks Cynthia!). Through this experience I have a sense that Heaven on Earth really is possible and I am thrilled to step into the unknown and live my life on the edge of my emerging understanding.

On this retreat I was able to embrace the overwhelming fact that I am much bigger than I ever dreamed and, at the same time, I am a human being in development. I am very grateful for the opportunity to receive all of the tools that will allow me to be a full expression of who I am and to face all that is in the way of living my highest potential. And, on top of all this, I got to see my unique purpose more clearly than ever before, free from the guilt of all the imposed ideas of what I "should" be doing.

Finally I was wildly inspired by the way in which the retreat was led with so much creativity and by the commitment of all the other participants, Thank you!

Natacha Leite, Coimbra

This retreat gave me back my Life! I realized that it has always been mine but that I was convinced I could not be Free. Now who I really am is in the driving seat full of passion and wonder...

I was always suffering from all my problems and I was so sick of them but I didnt know how to deal with this predicament. But I can now say that I can finally go beyond my problems. Or to put it another way: I am finally FREE!

Lieke, Holland

It was impressive how quickly a deep and unified field of meditation was present in the retreat and I also really enjoyed the solitary meditation time in nature. The silent hike that we did together through the mountains was a powerful and memorable experience. The ease and simplicity with which the fundmentals of Evolutionary Enlightenment were conveyed, received and responded to, was deeply inspiring and life-affirming.

Marc Pell, London UK

It was a pure inspiration to continue my spiritual path by participating in the Evolutionary Awakening Retreat. I fee that I have real tools to transform my life and I also discovered how important meditation is. everything in the retreat was perfect ot challenge my ego and help me to see things in a positive evolutionary perspective.

Many of the ideas I had already read about, but there is a huge difference between having some intellectual knowledge and actually experiencing the spiritual dimension in so many diverse ways. This retreat definitely blew my mind and the afternoon sharing sessions were an explosion of love. Thank you so much!

Ana Rodrigues, Lisbon

This is the letter I wrote to myself as a writing exercise on the retreat...

Dear Pedro,

This Evolutionary Awakening Retreat was a trick, an artifice. Most people think that a "retreat" is a time to rest, to be in peace and find space to deal with our life problems and suffering, so that we can endure and bear it. But no, what happened during these days was that we received from these EXTRAordinary people what they really have to give from their deepest hearts. And more!They showed us the perspectives and tools to start a new and very serious task. and they whispered to us, very gently, to WAKE UP and go to work! The minimum that we can do to maintain the amazing synergy of giving and receiving that is the indispensible energy to our growth is to keep following the pull of the Evolutionary Impulse and stand firm in the Absolute knowing "like a strong tree that cannot be moved".

Pedro Leal, Loule

This Evolutionary Awakening Retreat was a powerful, healing and enriching experience. i really appreciated that you stressed the importance of independence and expressed these teachings in such a fresh and original way. It was very moving how both Pete and Cynthia were and how they worked together and the field of meditation was incredible and clearly a result of not just the retreat but what you are all giving on the Project.

I feel so much strength and beauty in what you are doing and I am thrilled to be a part of it. It feels like part of my foundation for living as a full expression of the Universe. Onwards!

Jane Riddiford, London, UK

This was a mindblowing and totally positive experience! I think we all have these questions in the depths of ourselves and taking them seriously in such a totally liberated way was a very surprising revelation of what it is possible for me to experience.

This teaching is SO important and REAL! I had read a little about it and knew something from spending a month as a volunteer at the Project last year, but actually doing it for 10 days was invaluable. Now I have a deeper connection with who I really am and a great toolbox in order to maintain it and develop continuously.To truly find purpose in life is a very big thing and the wonder of the simplicity of it! That it is already here ready to go! We all have it in us constantly and to get in contact with it together was indescribably beautiful. Thank you!

Yngvil, Norway

I did the two month Transformation Intensive in the spring but after this retreat I have to say that now I am really getting it!! Wow, how powerful and character-forming the principles of evolutionary enlightenment really are! It just seems to be that when I start to recognize that I am already whole I then reflect that out into the world and I dont have to "try". It is actually awesome!

I so appreciated that there was so much space given for questions, reflection and sharing between the participants. For me so much of the soul-level learning came through these mediums.With Love from the Universe!

Sky Cullen, UK

My experience was great, almost perfect, but the word perfect is perfect, like the ALP farm is, simply perfect like Heaven on Earth!

Mario Monteiro, Figueira da Foz


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