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The Overflowing Positivity of Consciousness

It’s true what they say about time not holding up the feeling of belonging somewhere. After all, what matters is not the length of time that anything lasts, but the intensity with which it happens. I felt I was a part of the Awakened Life Project even before arriving, and that already was a huge uncertainty for my mind (that still struggles to catch up with the guidance of my heart!) Anyway, I lived intensely for two months at the Quinta da Mizarela, immersed with everything that was going on (physical and spiritual), and decided I wanted to live there “forever”.

Living in a community far away from home may have seemed to be a rushed decision taken by a hyperemotional part of my mind. But I was just thrilled with the place and wanted to taste, from head to toe, the freedom I began to feel when I landed there!

My first blog announced a second one coming before I left, but due to the fact that I technically haven’t left, and instead, have made the Quinta my new home, this one is just to tell you about my experience after engaging with the evolutionary context we live immersed in at the Awakened Life Project!

It’s been exactly 4 months since I left the Quinta, and there’s probably one month more ahead of me before I return to join the ALP as a resident co-creator. I went to Colombia to visit my family and friends after two years of being away, taking everything I learned at the Project with me, carrying that absolutely refreshing atmosphere of the new life I awakened to in Portugal. I was completely happy with my life and excited with what I was becoming, but at the Quinta, I suddenly found out how much better it could get… that’s an indescribable feeling! I feel the Awakened Life Project as my home, not only because it has been the place where I’ve become conscious of my own evolution, but because the people I’m sharing it with are the people I feel I need to be around in order for that process to continue.

When you are conscious of being alive, and you are aware of the beauty of everything and everyone that surrounds you, then goodness becomes inherent in your skin, your bones, your nerves, your pores… When you are aware of your consciousness, then every action is meticulously determined to cause a miraculous effect: you want things to be better than before, you want places to be more beautiful than how you’ve found them and you want people to be happier while they are around you. When you understand that you are the Universe and the Universe is immersed in you, then you’ll always act the best way you possibly can. You become better, you transform random energy and align it with your creative power to build up a better world.

Its funny how every universal popular phrase about learning the art of living suddenly makes sense once the mind is no longer in the way! Understanding and engaging the fact that life is so much more than what has actually been taught to us, made me surge beyond a basic bubble and start perceiving the real meaning of concepts that seemed too obvious, too cliché. Taking the risk of actually knowing that smiling has healing and multiplying powers, and that in order to actually live fully I need to love what I do and do what I love, has given me a better sense of my own life. Applying the art of living, and correspondingly learning from life, has made me understand that every decision I make generates a change. So if I’m willing to surrender to the power of conscious evolution, I can’t be afraid to fall and forgive my mind, for it doesn’t understand why will I always choose to follow my Heart. The Heart manifests as consciousness, and consciousness is already perfect as it is, without predetermined schemes.

I’ve found that to understand and control my own ego, I’ve become more interested and curious in the way people vision the world and interact with each other. I find myself paying attention on how people react to their own minds. I’ve become kind of a life critic, because I’m absolutely interested in it…just like when I got out of design school (and had sharpened my optical senses), I found myself analyzing every color, shape, dimension, proportion and endless aesthetic details of random objects. Now that I’ve discovered that my true devotion is to work with people in order to collectively become better vehicles for the evolution of life, I observe more, listen more, ask more questions, engage in more stimulating conversations…I’ve realized that we all have a lot to learn from each other, and I became interested in talking and asking questions about how we should change in order to evolve, even with people that don’t necessarily are aware or engaged with the evolutionary process as we live it in the Awakened Life Project.

I feel empowered, and at the same time absolutely committed to humanity, when I presence the overflowing positivity of consciousness and decide to send out a clear and authentic smile: it’s overwhelming how, while sharing my experiences and humble knowledge about the context I’m immersed in, people are actually drawn to that higher potential and react with the same positive and authentic smile.

It has been very compelling to receive real evidence of the fact that we are the universe, and it is becoming conscious of itself through us. Even when I talk about being one with everything just like before the Big Bang, and propelling the idea of embracing the connection between ourselves and everything that surrounds us… I suppose that talking about these things 30 years ago was having a very over the top “hippy” conversation. Probably half of the people around me would have considered me a cute unrealistic freak (and I assume it happened that way, because people weren’t prepared for such a coherent overdose of insight). These days, people open their eyes and sharpen their ears, because it makes sense! It is interesting and they want to get engaged, they are missing one worthwhile push to get enrolled with the collective process, and they are unconsciously eagerly waiting for someone to give it to them! That’s what happened to me at the Awakened Life Project: I got pushed, head over heels, into the most exciting longing of my life!!

I believe that we need to trigger our powers of action to make our dreams come true, and if we radiate good energy, we’ll always attract the better. Likewise in the opposite direction: bad energy will always attract the worst. Negativity is something that spreads as easy as a mortal virus, but positivity, light and brightness, multiply with an even greater power. Its important to be near people who motivate and impulse our most authentic intentions, always innovative, always creative, always at ease with what we are as human beings. When you are aligned with cosmic evolution, and understand that you are the evolutionary process itself, then the universe will always conspire on your behalf. Life connections will gradually and randomly be more and more obvious, and the people you meet or the places you visit will always have a coherent reason to BE!

This is why ever since I’ve been living within this evolutionary context, I’ve felt really committed to our responsibility for triggering the evolutionary process….I feel an urge, and I feel lucky because this notion came in a moment of my life where I was still "designing" my future and I can decide now how to enrich my commitment with this higher purpose. Nevertheless, what has happened is that the whole world has opened to me and there are now infinite places I want to go to, infinite people I want to meet, infinite books I want to read, infinite projects I want to engage with…anyway, I can for sure feel the creative power within me, but sometimes the “I want to” gets in the way of my higher motive, because how can I align my personal intentions with the collective process? I guess that’s part of what my “baby steps” towards evolution should explore next, because although I’m sure about my deeper motivation to potentiate the fact that my life plans come with a high intention of evolving together, the process of achieving it is a long and challenging one. That’s a very exciting and overwhelming path to contemplate, and I can’t wait to let myself be mesmerized with what’s coming next.

Anyway, what I’ve been trying to say is that I look forward to going back to my new home, and keep assuring myself the fact that the Awakened Life Project is the place where I’ll always want to be!

Andrea Giraldo, Colombia

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