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A New and More Embracing Perspective of Reality

The experience of these 7 days of meditation was an opportunity for which I am very grateful...

The place was beautiful and immensely contagious... Being in silence and immersed in such beauty stimulated a more awake intimacy with surrounding nature, that meant I was much more present and would notice something new every day. I enjoyed watching the constant change in the simplest things, something that is sometimes less noticeable if you're on autopilot mode of day-to-day. From the sky, which appeared gray, rainy, or striatum in vibrant blue, variations of sunlight, the soil more dry or wet, and the movement of flora and fauna. In an environment of meditation, there is such happiness just observing birds or plants that normally we do not see so intimately.

Alone with myself and in communion with the beauty of nature, I felt very liberated from the need to please anyone, the rush, the need to do productive things, all of the stuff that is simply not necessary. What I, and we, did (or did not) it was done as an end in itself, without any ulterior motives. Therefore, every gesture became more genuine and present. There was a sense of occupying the body differently with new possibilities in addition to the energy released from the constraints of habitual behavior and thoughts, etc.. In the end it all boils down to being present! 

The experience of meditating in a group for several hours per day was also very good. In the first 2 days I felt some resistance, and it was difficult for me to turn off the various things of day-to-day, leave schedules, problem solving, etc.. But the energy of the group and several sessions of clarifying questions and answers with Peter helped strengthen my intention and to let go more. Then I became more aware of freedom where new possibilities arise when identity is not created based on thoughts and emotional states.

It was a week dedicated to simplifying, to emptying, to making room for the new and fresh. A week after the retreat I feel more present and with this willingness to have nothing, know nothing and be nobody, despite the fears that arise. There are habits, ideas and identifications that come but I can feel the freedom underlying them simultaneously. After all this is what we all experienced on this retreat: awareness and acceptance that freedom is available immediately!

A walk on the beach together in silence was a special moment. It was inspiring to see a group of people to walk in silence by the sea and then sit down together to meditate. Another thing was very inspiring, of course, the food! It appealed to the taste and sight and included wild plants are that are edible, delicious!

It was undoubtedly a very enriching experience on all levels, extending beyond the retreat.

This retreat differentiated itself from other retreat experiences I have had by focusing on the important question of ego and connecting with what goes beyond the ego in a very down-to-earth, practical way. I discovered a new and broader perspective of reality and felt throughout the retreat a greater fluidity in myself, not only shedding old habits and unnecessary desires, but also the appearance of new visions and possibilities.

Rita Neto, Lisboa

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