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The Most Important Task of My Life

When I started the Evolution of Consciousness Course,  I was "only" interested in learning to meditate. And that, for purely personal reasons. I had had periods of my life when I went down, I felt depressed, unable to cope with a certain aspect of life. It always resulted in the breakdown of relationships, especially those that I was closest to. At such times I sought professional help with psychologists or psychiatrists. After each crisis and treatment, I felt good, but deep down I knew that was just to disguise something that sooner or later would happen again. I knew that this "something" would eventually come back, even if it was years later ...

During the course, I realized that I have all the tools to not only feel good, but to be free of all that suffering. And, I realized that it just depends on me, my effort, my intention. I realized that none of it is my "personal" problem. I am now able to open myself more to others and give myself more to others, because I recognize that I am not separate from others! And when I fully achieve this, I can never again be depressed!

The best thing of all about doing this course is that I am now part of a growing community. I now feel deeply intimate with people who until recently I did not know.

Through the course, I began a journey that will be the most important task of my life. To recognize everything that affects me personally and socially, and to face my fears. At the end (I know that there is really no end, but rather an endless process), I am certainly a much happier, a better man.

I am grateful to Pete for helping me along this road.


Edy, Lisbon


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