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A Leap Into The Unknown - The Best Thing I Ever Did!

The decision to do the  7 day retreat was totally a leap into the unknown. And I feel that was the best thing I ever did!

I have felt for some time that I wanted to do something different in my life, I felt trapped in the same ideas, the same references, the same thoughts and emotions that led me to the same places and always felt that there was no way to evolve and this led me to feel bad about myself and this was reflected in how I related to others.

Now I see the urge to go to the retreat was already in me. In the deepest part of myself, without really knowing how to explain it, I recognize that there is really something sacred and that life is much more than we can imagine. Deep down I always felt, especially in the face of nature, overwhelming force that echoed in me, that we are all this, and somewhere I knew that part of me, but the ego undermined me and blinded me to my essence.

For me to be on this retreat in this magical place, and with all the beautiful people I met and felt shining, the food full of vitality and full of love, the animals and everything was the confirmation that yes I AM FREE, that there is something that really unites us all and oh yes we must remain forever as ONE!

The retreat was a true celebration of Life, a door was opened to light my heart and there I really enjoyed every moment! It was a brisk fire, the passion for life, it all made sense!

When I heard Peter say "all this is already within us", I could not imagine what a deep joy it is possible to feel! I feel more awake, more available, more connected to the essence of my being and and it's amazing the force that gathers and that so I want to share. It is truly uncontainable!

Catherine, Rita (my housemates who also did the retreat with me) and I have meditated every day together since and it has been an incredible dedication and this is reflected in our footsteps. It's good to share this moment with them so powerfully, and be able to say to you that this experience has only just begun.

There are some things that still make me a little confused, and not are always easy to explain in words, but then I learn to let go. I realize that there is fear, inhibitions that are common to all, sometimes I feel it is still something that holds me, but I also feel I am at the beginning of something that is unstoppable! Every day is a new beginning.

I am very grateful for Peter´s teachings and the availability and sincerity that he transmitted that inspired us all!

And the amazing team who prepared the food with all the dedication and love, was also a great inspiration to me!

Ines Espiney, Lisbon

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