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I am Everything and I am Nothing

With the first people arriving at Avidanja for the 1 week retreat silence settled in and around the place. I sensed that we were all already tuned into our ground of Being before it officially started! Right from the beginning in the introduction and in the first sharing it was very clear that there is a very strong intention in everybody even though some people had never meditated before.

For me it was a deep dive into what I want and what I still avoid. And I saw that what I want is who I am and who I am is what I want! And this was with me throughout the retreat. There was bliss, there was peace, I saw a lot of limitations  and patterns, hardness, softness, love and a lot of doubt. Stillness. Connection. Everything was there.

Pete gave a us contemplations on the nature of reality everyday and for me this was always like a door to go deeper into an experiential seeing and knowing of non-duality, the ultimate truth that there is only One. Before I went on retreat I was holding on to the idea that I am just not a philosophical person that I am just not good at speaking about or understand the depth and subtlety of the Absolute dimension of Life and Consciousness. But with these contemplations my experience went a lot deeper. I understood in a very new way that I can get to know who I am with a lot more depth if I ask myself again and again "Who am I really?" in an endless number of ways.

What changed during the retreat is that despite all that was going on there was an ease that I haven't experienced in a very very long time. It is as if I forgot that this ease is there but at the same time I always knew it is there. It is an ease that reminded me about what it is to just let everything be. It is like lying underneath a tree in my grandmother's garden watching the sun shining through the leaves while they are moving softly in the wind… with no thoughts in my mind, just being seeing what is!

I am Everything and I am Nothing. I am the vibrancy of Life and I am at peace with Everything. I am the process of Life itself. Sometimes I fall and then I get up again but the ground on which it all happens doesn't change.

Sia Bauer, Germany

1 Week New Year Meditation & Non-Duality Retreat

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