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I am Consciousness

The  7 day retreat was experience more "non-dual" than I ever had. It was proof that we are all One, that we are One Consciousness ...

 From the first day of the retreat, in the morning, when I was exercising my duties as one of the chefs, in the kitchen and everywhere I began to feel the presence of the power of meditation so strongly like I had never felt before, it felt as if I was meditating at that time with the group. And as more and more time passed it would get stronger. My response was to surrender myself to this presence and let it flow because consciousness was calling me to open my arms and surrender to myself knowing that I am consciousness.

On the second day, after several sessions of meditation, during the question and answer session Pete talked about the fear of releasing, which was something I related to in my experience. I found that the desire for a certain kind of experience was trapping me in my ego. But after I identified more strongly with my intention to free, I was able to let go of all the content of my consciousness which gave rise to a freedom that transcended having any particular experience good or bad.

Each time I came back from my duties to the meditation hall for meditation, the group was different, more solid, more humble and ready to loosen up even more.

In the last few days the change was radical and clear. The meditations were powerful and effortless. We created more space between us and our mind that was becoming increasingly distant as the meditations became easier. I just felt like all I wanted to do was to sit to meditate and even though my mind was very turbulent at times, it was not a problem at all, I was just watching and letting everything be as it is.

At the end of the retreat, we went back to the living room to talk a bit about our experience and get to know each toher a little better. An explosion occurred in those moments of pure LIFE! People smiled and spoke about with such joy about the desire to create and to do something positive with this precious life. It was quite overwhelming!

I take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated. Without them it would not have been possible and I want to thank especially my teacher Peter Bampton for everything you've done for us, through his passion to awaken us to something greater than our personal desires and to this awakening of consciousness that we are ONE.

Duarte Gonçalves

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