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A Greenhouse for Growing Souls

My Transformation Intensive experience was a bumpy ride on a great adventure with a thrilling no-end. I never really saw clearly what is going on, but there was, and still is, an inner intelligence that knows without a doubt, that it’s a ride to take on fully ... not just as a spectator in the backseat but as a willing participant. That is really why we were all here! Once that trust was made conscious and internalized, what followed was an ongoing uncovering and let-go, amazement and realignment...

This movement makes me feel more alive than ever before and gives rise to a greater sense of purpose and dedication, no matter how bumpy the road may be. Both freedom and belonging enrich my heart daily as I come to love my evolving nature.

As one of the intensives well put it early in the course, the Awakened Life Project is a greenhouse for growing souls, and if I may add, the Transformation Intensive is the season of sprouting! However, the greatest truth about it all is that the seed is already in all of us. In that recognition I have come to see Goodness and Unity of All as well as my Potential to Grow. During the Intensive we have all come together in the exploration of this potential. As we encouraged each other to allow ourselves to live from this greater spiritual union, all our interest and actinos focused on more and more efficient or no-effort ways to consciously manifest this growth in all of us and through us all around.

We took on practices of Meditation, Yoga and Qi Gong, weekly meetings, documentaries, silent days and conscious conversations, daily communal work and maintenance. Inwardly we took on practices of being present, of being with the others and listening, interested and curious in what is new rather than repeating what we already know, practices of reaching closer towards “who I am “ and “why am I here”, of uncovering and dropping self identities and self images and resistance to unity, of holding paradoxes. But more than all that, we have commited to being responsible in our freedom to evolve together and that alone cleared all channels of communication and oiled the tracks of our practices. Or, to put it in other words, we have made our lives simple by choosing to come together in our urge to evolve rather than to be separate.

And so day by day more and more space was created and more cleansing energy flow was experienced. That brought us all into the unknown of the present moment. There is nothing more thrilling than leaning in on the edge of the recognition that ultimately I don`t know... and that`s perfectly alright!

From that open place our diffferent expressions pointed to the greater self–organizing principle that was becoming animated through us and as us. At the end of the Intensive I and We couldn`t accept this all as just an experience and so the intensive was extended. As we continue on our life journeys we have committed ourselves to supporting and inspiring the best part in ourselves and others and keeping the evolutionary momentum alive.

At the beginning of the course, my intention was captured by the expression “moving on”. I now see how that is not refering to my little sense of self. Even though my intention is to always start with the man in the mirror, my attention is now on moving it all forward, meaning Life itself. Beyond what any mind can make out of it, I wish to create spaces for evolution to occur naturally everywhere I go, as I am always here. There is no greater transformation I see in myself, but the rise of my willing patient love in being the culture consciousness wants to become, at just the right pace with no time to waste.

Soren Chirica, Romania

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About the project

The Awakened Life Project is situated in a beautiful and wild ecological reserve in the mountains Central Portugal. We offer volunteer programs, courses, events and retreats to support the liberation of the human spirit in a context of evolutionary emergence and communion with the ecological web of life.


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