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Gaining a Greater Horizon

When we arrived at the Awakened Life Project we expected to participate in a permaculture project in a spiritual context as part of the Integral Permaculture Internship. But the experiences we could do while staying at the project were greater we could have ever been expected...

Even though we had contact to spiritual teachings before, the exposure to evolutionary enlightenment gave us a holistic and deeply purposeful perspective to life that we had never experienced before. Beyond the superficial new age spirituality, this is a spiritual path that can give us infinite freedom and be applied practically to all the challenges of living in the world.

We are young and will have many challenges in life. Walking now on a path to spiritual liberation life will be easier because here we could start to learn what it means to live beyond ego, which includes fear, mistrust...

Being connected with our deepest  self means to be connected with everything. Nature is one of the things we love and appreciate a lot. The permaculture principles and the work in the garden gave us the possibility to get closer to it and understand how nature is the best teacher to learn how to live in a sustainable way.

Nature produces no garbage - EVERYTHING has its value and purpose! The tree and mushroom symbioses for example is a longlife relationship that serves to strengthen both of them. We have a lot of fun inoculating mushroom spore in logs..

We created raised beds on the terraces of the farm...

We created a beautiful space that will serve as a permaculture classroom for future volunteers and students...

We loved being in such a lush environment full of all kinds of plants..

and of course all of the animals were delightful...

When we will leave this project we want to take care of each other and help ourselves and our environment to live to the fullest potential. Living in commuity was a very valuable learning experience. For example, we realised that conflicts are often not a waste of time but if we explore what is actually happening and what the deeper motivations are, we can discover a collective truth that brings us further and expands our horizon which is often restricted by attachments we are not usually able to let go of.

Gaining this greater horizon helped us to awaken a lot of creativity in our daily life. This was a deep immersion in the principles and practices of permaculture but it was also so much more!!

Thank you all for this wonderful time!

Ronya & Steffen, Germany

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The Awakened Life Project is situated in a beautiful and wild ecological reserve in the mountains Central Portugal. We offer volunteer programs, courses, events and retreats to support the liberation of the human spirit in a context of evolutionary emergence and communion with the ecological web of life.


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