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Freedom Echoes in the Silence of Simply Being

The 7 day retreat was above all one of the biggest, most rewarding and at the same time one of the most challenging adventures into the self I have engaged in. Before the retreat my mind used to be filled with entertainment and with active avoidance of the Self, entertained by the outside and neglecting the innermost beauty that lies in all of us waiting to be re-discovered.

We are lucky enough to live in a period where we can discover collectively who we really are. It is no longer a journey that we have to embark by ourselves, because in fact, it is an adventure that we can share with others, as we all did during this retreat.
That is what it was all about: moving inwards while realizing that I am not alone, (I am in fact ALL-ONE). Having the energetic back-up from all other people united there towards one single purpose of Freedom and Happiness, through the discovery of our own selves, only helped to magnify the experience even more!

The most important lesson was learning to simply be and how amazing and free that feels! To actively allow time to rest as ‘pure awareness’ despite all attachments. To bare no identification with the mind and the active thought process, to simply be the Self without any acquired identifications along the journey of life.

There is nothing to achieve! Only to be, and to discover/vibrate with in the Oneness of all that is. Awakening to this great truth of who we are (and I’m only beginning to scratch the surface of this rabbit hole) was one ofthe most important expericences I had. Instead of the avoidance of the Self with the usual spoon-fed society’s status-quo, this new awareness allows one to truly experience this extraordinary world and life.

Learning to let go and releasing the mind from any ideas and concepts was likewise important to learn and be aware of. As I allow myself to let go of subtler layers of ego and beliefs, it feels as if I am rediscovering the world once again - this time with a brand new set of eyes and a more silent mind to genuinely appreciate creation all around us.

Meditation changed from being a burden which I knew would be good for me, into an essential part of who I am. Once the infinite Self, inhabiting all of us, is re-discovered there is even a longing to simply rest as that blissful Self, understanding the truth of who we all are and the degree of interconnectedness of all beings as the beautiful manifestations of Love they are.

The importance of guidance, unity and environment of the group, in which the retreat was held, played a major role assisting with the awakening from the smaller “self” awareness into the Infinite “I amness” that exists in all. What could possibly be more important than finding out who you really are?

It does not mean that I now hold the answers to life, but it does allow this newly found true Self to speak louder and manifest more presently as there is increased awareness to see through the illusion we live in. It’s not as if I got a new set of eyes, it’s in fact as if I finally got all the dirt out of them and I’m able to SEE for the first time. Like being born again, but this time more aware and able to and see things for what they really are.

There is also a newly found peace achieved by forgiving all that ‘was’ and accepting all that ‘is’ coming with a deeper understanding of the infinite Now. Only by being nothing can we experience Everything.

Through his simplicity Pete allowed me to realize the lie I was engaged in… Realizing the Everything I have been seeking externally, was lying inside all along. Understanding this to be true, and not simply knowing and acknowledging it as truthful, is awakening and it is an ongoing daily process - every day a new blessing, a new lesson and a new chance to evolve and to express my inner self more deeply.

I know we all have in us the courage and will to pursue the truth of our own being. I wish that we may all allow our inextinguishable inner fire’s search for who we are to be the corner stone for our global evolution. I wish we all find love and trust for the True Self discarding the false ego self that we like to take comfort in.

Come find out how loud freedom echoes in the silence of simply being!

Andre Amorim, Porto

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