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The Fire of the Heart Book Launch



The Fire of the Heart is a penetrating and profound journey into the radical immediacy and evolutionary potential of Spiritual Awakening here and now. Anchored in a simple yet illuminating approach to True Meditation, the Awakening Process that Peter describes is direct, contemporary, and includes the totality of manifest existence in its integral embrace. His writing is fluid and accessible for beginners with no previous experience of meditation or the spiritual path, and also reveals a subtlety about the nature of mind and non-duality that offers infinite depth for even the most experienced aspirants.

I am SO HAPPY to be launching this book. It has been a labour of love over a three year period and my own Awakening was deepened in the process of writing it. It is a distillation of all I have learned over more than three decades, in which I have been completely devoted to Spiritual Awakening as both a student and now as a teacher to the growing Sangha of The Awakened Life Project.

You can learn more about the book and sign up for 4 Free Chapters here.

Here are a few testimonials from some people who already read a preview copy...

This book is a must-read for anyone who is still seeking; be it peace, freedom, happiness, the end of suffering or simply to feel better about themselves. The truth that we are already always free is explained very clearly and steps are laid out as to how to understand and live this universal truth. Meditation is recommended as the key to the acceptance of all that is, and the depersonalisation of what we experience helps to reveal the illusion of a separate ‘I’ that ‘bad’ things happen to. In the relative world of each person’s unique manifestation we can focus on our gifts and faults, whilst in the universal world of all existence we can experience the mystery of one consciousness that cannot be separated into parts, into good and bad. We get to understand and know the blissful relief of being nobody. Peter’s writing is very clear, but also highly inspirational, breaking new ground in his presentation of traditional spiritual teachings and modern Western thought, explaining both the art of Being and the activity of Becoming and the dynamic explosion of the Heart that embraces both. I have read the book 3 times and continue to be inspired, challenged and blown away by it. I feel confident it will become a classic text for all ‘finders’.

Suma, UK

This book is groundbreaking. It gives a deep insight into the question: what is Spirituality? It is written for beginners as well as for advanced practitioners, as it takes one on a journey into the existential question " Who am I?" and the implications this has for human life. It took me deeper and deeper into an Unknown what is evolving itself. It took me to the Heart Itself. It took me to the clear recognition that the journey never ends and yet is already complete. 

Jutta, Germany

I read the book calmly, with the rhythm the book invites. I felt the heartbeat of a small child, who knows that it contains what I have always sought and wanted! At the same time, I felt a deep respect, seriousness and formality as I read the book barefoot, to feel the hot stone and the cool grass. The sun was shining bright and the sky looked immensely curious. I lived all the colors of the sunset and all the games of the wind and the birds. As I read the book leaving room for what Peter points to, I lived a journey that felt sacred, where everything spoke to me and was Life, a Fire in the immense Heart ... a Spiritual Awakening! I have read the book and I continue reading the book. Since then I am on a journey that is always new and destiny in itself. I stopped seeking. It was good to have sought, for I would not have found the book if there had been no search. But now I realize that I no longer need to look any further. I'm the same, but I feel different… And you? What are you looking for?

Tiago, Portugal

Here are some quotations from the book. Enjoy!

Love & (r)Evolution,

Pete(r) Bampton

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