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Everything Is Light

A Retreat that was intense, surprising, liberating! I lived many things...fears, liberation, joy, brotherhood, understanding...

Surprising to see how I judge the joys, the pleasures I experience as small things, things that are "not spiritual"...

This is a negation of Life.

I remember when we were returning as a group after the dinner in Manteigas. We were speaking in a way that was argumentative, laughing and loud.

I began to judge, thinking things like "we are on Retreat, we should not be like this, we look like a bunch of young students on holidays..."

But that the same time as I was thinking this I felt how we were moving as One Being. There was Presence even in all out friction and play. There was no separation.

The next day I understood more this paradoxical feeling.

When we stopped in the middle of the walk in the mountains it was one of the most beautiful moments of my life.

I cannot describe the beauty, the simplicity and connection I had with everything and everyone that surrounded me.

I looked at my brothers, at the sky, at the rocks, that the ground, trees, ants, at myself...

And I only saw beauty and a pure simplicity, that simplicity that has the sense that everything is within.

I do not know how to explain but everything that I saw, heard and felt...was the same as I.

In one of the audios we listened to Adi Da said that Everything Is Light!

I remembered and saw this Light in everything around me, in me...

The insect that was biting me, the sound of the water, the emptiness, the rocks, those things that I like and those that I do not like, everything is Light, everything IS That, everything IS!

I surrendered to this truth and this understanding changed everything.

Life is going to challenge me (it already is!) with moments of fear, contraction, separation, alternating with moments of conscious Presence, joy and lightness of Being.

I relate to each of these moments in a different way, I give a particular importance to different emotions.

What I know now is that all of this is subjective. They are qualities that I attribute to changing states, but in every one of these moments, everything that surrounds me, and everything that does not surround me, just IS, is Light Itself.

Light IS all that I Am, IS all that exists. IS Presence, IS Consciousness, IS That...

Until I manifest this recognition in my actions, in the way in which I relate, I have to bring this truth to consciousness again and again and again...

"Everything IS Light!"

Edy Edgar, Portugal

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