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Ego's Funeral

This is a post written by Sara Silva.  Sara is one of the women in the Porto Womens Group.  The women of the womens groups are committed, inspiring and continue to challenge themselves and each other.  The love that we experience between each other as we commit to embracing the deepest part of ourselves is an ever new experience of life.

Sara posted this on the womens FB page.  I loved it so I asked her if I could make a blog post.  She said yes.  I hope you are as inspired by her commitment as I was.  Thank you Sara! Love, Cynthia


It's time to live up to what i know, feel and want to become.
It's time to live up to the freedom i feel in me.
It's time for simplicity and to bring myself to centre and moment.
I have experienced enough to know how i want to be and live.
I have further to experience, but what i've seen is enough to guide today's path.
I am big, of an unlimited size as time or space don't limit my growth and understanding. I, as everybody else.
Fear, anger, stress, pride, modesty, jeaulosy, none of them are real.
These are the result of mankind searching for centuries to live in a society and deal with birth, death and the natural wild world around them.
I want to hug and hold life in all it's certainty and uncertainty.
I leave my fears that have made me mecanize habits for years, for centuries.
I leave therefore the habit of needing to be special.
I leave the habit of worrying about what others think of me.
I leave the habit of self sabotage when i want to let go and love.
I leave the habit of needing a partner.
I leave the habit of feeling inferior to other women and men.
I leave the habit of feeling superior to other women and men.
I leave the habit of judgement.
I leave the habit of limiting my capacities.
I leave the habit of hiding and masking mistakes and faillures.
I leave the habit of needing to be right everytime.
Today i bury fear.
Today i bury time.
Today i bury ego.
Rest in Peace.
Today i'm reborn in colours.
This is my way to thank you women for eternity!


If you are interested in being a free woman please join us for the an upcoming event for women.


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