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Breaking the Chains Around My Heart

I have to say, the experience of this 6 weeks is the most transformative experience I have had in my life and, most importantly, the most liberating!! It is coming Home. The Home that I never left. And I’m fascinated by that fact even while writing these words!

I started the Intensive believing that if I change I will suffer, because I will start to see a lot of my parents and loved one's conditioning and I wouldn’t be able to bear it. I finished the intensive seeing how much that idea is stupid. I talked with my parents at the end, and by simply being with them and sharing authentically my Joy after the Intensive, they were struck and very happy although they didn’t understand anything about what I did during the whole period! I realized then that we can have a big impact on others just being ourSelves.


Each week of the Intensive was a long journey in and of itself. It felt like it was an eternity! And, indeed, we were going deeper into eternity, the Ground of Being. We were getting calmer and starting to see more clearly the ego patterns that had built a big momentum. I even started to let go of the attachment to my mind and I started to have distance between me and my thoughts. They no longer governed who I am. More than that, I started to not know who I am anymore and I was not be bothered by that!! What a huge relief! I know that before when I was studying a lot of psychology I had the habit of describing myself to myself, how I acted, what I wanted, what were my goals … I had a very complex picture of who I was. I am now I’m realizing I’m not all those ideas at all. Can you imagine how much of a burden and weight was there?! I am Unknown, I don’t need to define myself, I’m not my ideas, I am Consciousness Itself! But still I’m interested in knowing what’s happening to the small "me", but from a completely different place. I now experience Innocent, childlike curiosity.

There is so much to say about how much I changed during the Intensive. And it was so inspiring seeing others change too. I loved the group so much! It was a journey together filled with courage and inspiration. A beautiful brother and sisterhood. One time, we went on a field trip to the river beach and we went deeper into more intimate topics for discussion. We got so much closer to the point we understood we could share anything with each other. We cared for the evolution of each other in our willingness to be transparent.


The program was very intense and transformative, the food is so delicious, the nature is wonderful with several beautiful waterfalls close by, the people are very supportive of my own and our collective evolution. There is a real sense of community and a strong bond between all of us. I loved going on nature walks barefoot and exploring the connection with nature. I loved doing Yoga and seeing myself and everyone in the group evolve in the practice. I learned to trust my body and acknowledge its wisdom to know how to move.

Many beliefs and habits I had started to crumble! It was like the Light shining on my heart and breaking it open. Breaking the chains for Liberation! This was my experience during the sessions with Pete and Cynthia! I loved going to the sessions with them. In almost all of them I was getting in touch with Freedom. Both, Cynthia and Pete, helped me clear the fog that was passing and blurring my vision. It is done in a very caring and direct way, with remarkable clarity. I liked the fact that they spoke to the True Self and not to the illusion of my separate ego. They helped Me open to the limitless possibilities of being and becoming in this world.

An example of experiences I had is when I dropped self-criticism. I had always struggled to let go of that and it was torturing me. But, one day on the deck during a session with Cynthia, I dropped self-criticism and glimpsed the Perfection of the moment with all its Intensity. I glimpsed Love! It was so touching I had tears in my eyes. It is proof for me that everything is fundamentally All Right! That, with lot of other experiences, changed my relationship with myself and others. So many things changed that I don’t really understand!

If you are touched and intrigued my what I am sharing then I hope that you come to the Intensive. See and experiment for yourself! No words can say what’s waiting for you, if only you realize how much you want to be Free!

Adam El Jaouhari, Morocco



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