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2015 A Fantastic Passage into New Year

2015. A fantastic, mysterious and inspiring passageway into the New Year in the 1 Week Retreat guided by Peter. I am definitely seduced by meditation. A indescribable peace descended upon me...

There is an immediate searching for the construction of a new identity based on this experience - I am enlightened, I am special, woohoo! - these ideas, if identified with, are capable of making something so fascinating and revelatory into a seed for further separation and suffering. So it is critical to realize that whatever it is that has passed away in my experience, was simply just an experience. What I want to stay with is the deeper recognition of an eternal foundation that is the Self, that is both who I am and is Universal and that transcends all experience that comes and goes in time.

Having an "enlightened" perception about the nature of our being is not a magic wand that will change reality itself. I think the core of a genuine Awakening is a clear perception that reality just is. The Now just IS. And in that perception Being/Consciousness is seen as intrinsic to, and inseparable from, Existence/Reality. There is no separation. Being is infinite, containing everything, and is ultimately what we are.

Whatever happens in the world of form, time and space, the relative reality of the 10,000 things (as described in Taoism), is the result of our intent and action as an expression of existence itself. If we are Awake our action issues from, and is a response to, what IS, rather than coming from the fears and desires of the separate ego. Hence we are eternally Now while simultaneously acting in the world of time, contributing to the next arising or becoming of what IS. This paradox of what IS simply being what IS and, at the same time, that what IS is in a constant process of becoming through our action, means that it is essential to be rooted in, and in full acceptance of, that which already IS. Why? So that our action is fully conscious and may produce an evolutionary impact aligned with our sense of life purpose.

João Pedrosa, Porto

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