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I've been a practitioner of evolutionary spirituality for several years and have attended retreats at Awakened Life Project before. So when I signed up for the 10-day Evolutionary Awakening Retreat I knew it would be an incredible experience. I knew there would be deep, important discoveries…friendships beyond ego…tastes of Oneness…amazing natural beauty…strengthening my connection to the part of myself that’s already free… AND incredible food!

Yet at the same time, I wondered if much of the retreat’s content might be familiar to me, perhaps less than fresh, because of my previous experiences with the Awakened Life Project and this path...

Now that I’m back home, all I can say is…Wow! What a foolish concern that turned out to be. Each day of the 10 days, I was astonished and delighted by how fresh, profound, innovative and caring Pete and Cynthia’s leadership and teaching were. Together we all stepped out of time and into a collective adventure that was 100% authentic, bold and creative. Pete and Cynthia modeled for us what it means to be living & breathing examples of evolutionary love: full-on, fearless, following Spirit into the unknown, with flawless love and care for each other and attention to what each situation calls for.

It was amazing and beautiful. Too many retreat experiences fade away over the next week or two, but here it is a month later and I am still riding the wave of joy and freedom launched by the 10-day retreat! Indeed, sitting here today I feel no distance between myself and Awakened Life Project. The quinta and the people feel as close as my own heart.

There’s another thing that needs to be said about ALP’s 10-day retreat, and that is how much more it is than a simple meditation retreat. It’s like being at an expensive nature spa. The yoga and forest bathing are crafted as beautiful extensions of the meditation. The food felt alive, as if I was eating pure love. The deep care of the service team created a palpable sense of immersion in support and togetherness.

By Day 4 I felt as if every chakra was open and singing. Parts of myself I had forgotten long ago reopened like petals. I learned: nature is literally singing with joy at every moment; you can swim through a forest; yoga can be a blissful gift; stillness is God. One evening as we silently shared dinner on the back patio, the setting sun made the nearby mountain blaze with gold and somehow, without speaking, we all found ourselves turning toward it and basking together in the brilliance. I felt the stillness of the valley below us as a living presence of Emptiness.

And I also learned: intention is everything, literally everything, if you want to touch pure Being and discover your true nature. ALP’s “no problem” meditation approach is the most effective meditation I've ever tried, and by holding strong intention to follow the instructions, I felt a channel open to my soul. A deep, warm, clear knowing rose and permeated my being.

The teachings that evoked the evolutionary dimension of Awakening were profound and energetic. From a deep ground of stillness and peace we were catapulted into a vibrant field of shared inquiry into what it means to actually embody and express the evolutionary impulse as ourselves. This inquiry was supported by texts from various authors that enriched our own discoveries.

One of the most extraordinary aspects of this retreat was the creation of a truly enlightened WE space. I have rarely known such transparent and ecstatic joy and intimacy effortlessly expressed in a group of people. In the context of this deep love and unity we found that we were able to soar together into realms of knowing and understanding that we simply could never have reached alone.

I felt, and feel, that through the 10-day retreat I became more mature, more myself. That my soul grew.

The care, intelligence, passion and commitment that the people of ALP bring to every single endeavor never cease to amaze me. I am so happy to call these people my friends, and to know that this amazing experiment in human evolution exists. 

Kristin, USA

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The Awakened Life Project is situated in a beautiful and wild ecological reserve in the mountains Central Portugal. We offer volunteer programs, courses, events and retreats to support the liberation of the human spirit in a context of evolutionary emergence and communion with the ecological web of life.


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