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Angela - Portuguese

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To be “an ALP” means to keep myself open and interested.

It means to listen with my heart and give myself to this practice with the humility to recognize that it’s not something that happen without my effort and interest.

It means to trust that Life wants the best of me and that’s why you push me so hard!

It means to embrace that I don’t know, I don’t control but I can trust.

It means to rest, to contemplate and to be meditated!

It means to surrender to my heart longing for a meaningful life without having any idea of how it should look like.

It means to assume my part in what it takes to be “the change that I want to see in the world”.

It means to listen you with respect and care. And it means to respond to you in that exactly same way.

It means to live my highest understanding and persist with courage and kindness against all my resistances.

It means to embrace that Life is an immense gift and so Am I as You All Are.

Much Love*


"Open your wings. Give up your story"

Eckhart Tolle

I went to this Intensive Transformation experience right after a big change that I did in my life.  I quit my job as a nurse in a big Intensive care unit in Lisbon and moved to a community called Avidanja, one of the ALP projects.

I have been connected to the ALP project for almost 3 years – first through Pete’s “Evolution of Consciousness Course" that completely blew my mind and revealed a completely new perspective about Life and about myself, and then through joining the women’s group that I see as the most powerful motor of change in my life.

Since a very young age I was looking for a purpose, with an urge to do something to help to create a better world.  Very often I felt lost, helpless and hopeless.

The message, the teachings, the support and reality that I have been found in this Project has been the answer for many of my deepest questions, for my heart’s call for a meaning and a beautiful vision for something new, for a better world and a new human culture.

My intention was to deepen in all this, to take a time to know myself better, to discover and learn how to open myself to Life itself.

It’s almost impossible to find a way to start and to “just” say what was most important. We are talking about two amazing and super revealing months, a lot happened, a lot changed. Two words – Love and Gratitude.

I was taken through a journey that shook all my deepest structures, that made me question many of my beliefs and that forced me to surrender once and again to the magnificence of Life itself.

With a group of committed human beings I explored with enthusiasm and seriousness the nature of who we are as human being, the core of our limitations and a way to transcend them.

For years I struggled with meditation, not sure if I was understanding it. Even being already familiar with the ALP approach to meditation I never had the chance to deepen my practice as I did during the Intensive. And what I discovered was a fundamental simplicity and space in myself and everything that is. I faced the reality of a busy, chaotic and silly mind that keeps me locked in its patterns. Coming from a scientific and mental world I always looked for rational reasons for everything. Through meditation I see more, I see beyond my mind and I discover that there are things that my mind will probably never understand but that I know that are true – as the fundamental truth that We Are One, the enormity of the human potential, my potential and that I am a Process and Eternal at the same time. A complete Emptiness and Fullness. Learning to hold the stillness and the wonder allowed me to contemplate all this – what a Gift!

Meditation and the practice of a conscious silence helped me to be more aware of how my mind works and somehow to create some space that I see as powerfully empowering and pacifier.

One of the most important aspects of this experience was the deep contact with nature – the project is located in a beautiful valley, surrounded for magic! The invitation in the nature walks with Laura:

“Take out of your shoes and feel the Earth, sense the fresh air and the cold water of the waterfalls. You are a mountain, a star, the Universe. Can you remember!?”

I realized how much Nature has the power to pull out our True Nature. It worked as a mix of meeting and belonging, showing me the Freedom that I can live, that want to be expressed and that I have been driven to recognize and create. That moments presented me with beautiful insights.

The urge to make something to change our unbalanced world has been one of the drivers of my life as it is for many others. During this Intensive the way that I saw activism was with a completely different perspective.

This Project has a committed activist group of people with a spiritual context guiding their purpose. What I received during this period was a perspective that showed me how to take my part in creating change with compassion, awareness and positivity, embracing that the process of change is in itself the goal so I can not lose. Here you find a never ending motivation. Finally I understand the phrase “Be the change you want to see in the world” from Gandhi that I shared in the bottom of my email since years!!!

Pete and Cynthia took us through “the big questions” with their passion and commitment and passed us their understanding about why all that is IS God, is Love, is Me, is Everything.

It was huge to get out of my little me, find a bigger purpose and embrace that there is no other way of live than through the noble effort to evolve and with that take the world to a better place.

At the same time with a parental frontality they helped us to look into our own history, limitations, patterns of behaviour and mind addictions talking about Ego in a way that helped us to find the space to look deep inside all our most deep fears. An eternal gratitude for all the care, kindness and support.

I thanks also to my fellow intensive sisters – it became clear that true change can only happen through this meeting – the power of allow myself to just Be and transform myself in front of your eyes was “an hell of” a Love exercise. You are all an inspiration!

So this was my experience of this two months Intensive Transformation Course that I recommend to all human beings!

With all my Love,


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