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Awakened Life Women's Group


There is a lot going on with women of the Awakened Life Project. We are a growing movement of women who are interested in creating a new culture beyond separation and limitation and we are committed to this with our hearts and action.

In 2010 Cynthia Bampton founded the first ALP women’s group. We were 10 foreigners and 0 Portuguese. Now fast forward and we are 3 physical groups in Portugal with women from other parts of the world Zooming in. 

As we come together as true sisters, as one consciousness shining through the many forms we are finding a new woman emerging that doesn’t exist until she emerges. She is strong, soft, intelligent, humble, funny, serious, courageous and persistent. She emerges between us as we dare to drop our egoic defenses and be together beyond separation and limitation. We have experienced what it is to not need anything outside of ourselves and what it means to face our deepest fears, alone and together.

***A short video with Cynthia made in 2014.  A little dated a piece of our history!

We meet once a month together for an entire day.  During the week we also meet over the internet in small groups of 5 or 6.  We have a yearly 5-day retreat with only the women of the group and a yearly 5-day retreat with the Sangha (men and women of the committed groups). Every three months the entire Sangha meet for a day.  

We discuss deep philosophical ideas as well as support each other in living up to our deepest understanding of Non-Duality in our everyday lives.  In order for us to thrive together there is a deep commitment to participate as we all understand that everyone's presence is important, we all have something to say and to share. 

As we let go of our fears of true intimacy we are finding a Love within us and between us that transcends time, personal history, cultural differences and at the same time includes all of these things.  We discuss cultural structures that inhibit the free expression of ourselves and others and we reach to understand how these structures function and inhibit all participants.  We have gone deeply into patriarchy and women's history and we are actively working with the ALP men to transcend divisions that are caused by misunderstanding and mis or lack of communication.  We all understand that we must stand in prior unity with everyone in order to transcend the separation that causes all Beings to suffer. 

Being together is a joyous, challenging and creative endeavor.  The bond we have through our dedication and commitment is growing and constantly and mysteriously surprises us.  We are here on this planet for a reason and through our work together we find not only our collective calling but also our individual and unique gifts that are expressed in a multitude of ways.

Our groups are based on the ALP philosophy and to join us it is important that you come to a 5 or 10 retreat with the Co-Founders of ALP, Pete or Cynthia Bampton.

We are in the process of creating this section of the website.  For now we think we have enough for you to get to know us!

Meet the Women of the Sangha 

History of Our Movement 

Information About Cynthia Bampton 

What Is an Evolutionary Enlightened Woman? 

How to Get Involved 

Photo Gallery 


About the project

The Awakened Life Project is situated in a beautiful and wild ecological reserve in the mountains Central Portugal. We offer volunteer programs, courses, events and retreats to support the liberation of the human spirit in a context of evolutionary emergence and communion with the ecological web of life.


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