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Integral Evolutionary Spirituality, Community & Sustainability


Do you experience a longing to transcend the ideas, beliefs and ingrained psychological patterns that limit your liberated expression as a human being?  Are you looking for a way to spiritually Awaken that is free from the unnecessary baggage of traditional interpretations, that is based in direct experience, deep inquiry and quesitoning and that is contemporary and fresh in its orientation?

When when you look outward upon our shared world do you feel that we are living in an unprecedented time of global crisis and transition and that something fundamental about the way human beings relate to themselves, to each other and to the planet urgently needs to evolve?


If you feel a Big Yes arising within your heart then you are experiencing the call to an Awakened Life.  When we trust in that calling and we let go, even momentarily, of the beliefs, fears and desires that usually shape our psychological existence, we awaken to the deeper truth that we are Life and we are Consciousness, and when we free ourselves from the patterns that bind we naturally want to evolve.

The Awakened Life Project is our constantly developing answer to this call to manifest the deepest Love, Truth, Goodness and Creativity that we are capable of. This means undertaking the transformational work to shift our individual and collective identity from separation and self-interest to the unity and co-creative passion of our True, Awakened Selves.

To get a taste of what ALP us all about you can watch this short documentary about the Awakened Life Project created by Aurora's Eye Films...


The seed that was to become The Awakened Life Project was planted at the abandoned mountain farm of Quinta da Mizarela in Central Portugal by co-founders Peter & Cynthia Bampton in 2007.  With the committed participation of an international stream of volunteers, some of whom stayed and became residents, the Project has flowered into a growing network of co-creators and communities dedicated to an evolving vision of manifesting the spiritual truth of unity in this world.

Based on a strong practice of meditation, collective inquiry and an integral embrace of the human condition, the Awakened Life Project provides an opportunity for people to experience and participate in the emergence of a post-traditional spiritual culture based on progressive enlightened values.  The evolutionary idealism that fuels the Project arises from the dynamic aliveness of the participants shared experience and conviction that human beings have limitless potential for goodness and growth.

Foundational to this emergent culture is the discovery of the deepest dimension of who we are as One Consciousness, One Self, and One Life.  This ever new and radically liberating discovery engenders profound trust in the truth of Prior Unity between human beings and the interconnected web all of Life.  This is the spiritual ground from which the embedded psychological and cultural conditioning of our individual and collective egos can be seen, exposed and ultimately transcended.

“Ego”, in this context, does not refer to our unique experience of individuality, but our attachment to the powerful illusion of independent self-existence.  Ego consciousness, while it has had a role to play in the development of our individuation, is the root cause of all our psychological suffering, conflicts and escalating global problems.  Why?  Because ego consciousness can only exist as separate from the other and all of Life and is the bedrock of fundamental self-interest and fear.  When we free ourselves from the self-contraction of ego, which through meditation and inquiry is revealed to be our own activity of conditioned identification, then our unique individual self-expression can creatively manifest itself.  We are freed from fundamental dilemma and endless seeking for fulfillment outside of ourselves and thus our Awakened Life potentially becomes a blessing to all.

Our progressive, practical and post-traditional approach to what we call the Awakening Process is succeeding in helping many people transcend the desires, fears and limitations of individual/collective ego structures and is pioneering a new cultural matrix of relatedness in which in our individual/collective evolutionary unfolding is flowering in its innate Truth, Goodness, Freedom and Creativity.

Through progressively exposing and letting go of the identities, patterns and motivations that bind us to a false psychological ego and embedded cultural patterning, we gradually align our humanity with the energy and intelligence of the One Consciousness and Life that we really are.  That Consciousness, that Life, that Light, that Love calls us forward to give our heads, hearts and hands to the great task of Transformation.

At The Awakened Life Project we recognize ourselves to be the One Transcendent Spirit that is always already Free and simultaneously unique individuals who are awakening to a Divine Creative Process.  We experience this Process to be the force of Love itself, ever reaching for higher and deeper expression and integration.  This Evolutionary Love is what the Awakened Life Project is dedicated to releasing.  That Love is a source of inexhaustible inspiration that calls us to the great task of Creating the Future Now.

The Awakened Life Project is not a specific place.  The Project is made up of several small communities and a growing network of people who are participating in this emergence.  The spiritual heart and ashram of the Project is Quinta da Mizarela, situated in a secluded valley in the mountains of Serra d'Açor, which is featured on this website.  Other communal hubs with their own creative expression and focus include the Avidanja Community near Coimbra... 

Vida em Transição/Life in Transition otherwise known as The Awakened Family Project, 20 minutes from Quinta da Mizarela...

and The Awakened Forest Project, also located in the mountains neighboring Quinta da Mizarela...


In addition to these communities there is an extended network of committed members throughout Portugal and beyond who are dedicated to sharing experiences, perspectives and tools that are transforming the lives of more and more people in a way that unites profound spiritual illumination with real change in the practical day-to-day reality of life.

The most recent evolution of the Project has been the flowering of the Proyecto Vida Desperta in Colombia where there are groups meeting regularly in Bogota and Manizales.  You can read all about what is going on in Colombia on the Proyecto Facebook page and articles and information about upcoming events in Spanish here.

The Awakened Life Project is an ongoing revelation, an ongoing project, an ongoing unfolding of what’s new.  If you are interested in an approach to spiritual awakening and the creation of a new culture that is integral, profound and contemporary and if you are willing to make the effort to change yourself then you may be interested in being part of this movement.

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Beautiful Photos of Quinta da Mizarela from an Open Day in 2011


About the project

The Awakened Life Project is situated in a beautiful and wild ecological reserve in the mountains Central Portugal. We offer volunteer programs, courses, events and retreats to support the liberation of the human spirit in a context of evolutionary emergence and communion with the ecological web of life.


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